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YouHodler Review: Is YouHodler Legit or Scam?

Just like getting groceries from your favorite store, because you can be sure of the quality and certain of not being short-changed, so it is with buying cryptocurrencies from the crypto market

The volatility of the crypto market is something every trader should be wary about. Despite its volatile nature, the crypto market still remains a very sure investment. 

But then, wouldn’t you want to make sure you trade and hold your crypto on a platform that offers robust security measures?

Now there are so many ways you can buy bitcoin, some are legit, and some are just a massive fraud designed to dupe you without you seeing it coming.

Well in this post we will be telling you all you need to know about YouHolder, whether it’s legit or not.

What is YouHolder?

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YouHodler is a financial cryptocurrency platform providing its users with cryptocurrency loans and other cryptocurrency services.

It is a cryptocurrency exchange and lender that pays good interest rates on crypto deposits, they also run centralized digital offers for bitcoin assets.

Clients can use the platform to make changes to their homes.

YouHodler’s essential services, as well as others, would be detailed in this article. Regardless, the YouHodler platform delivers monetary assistance to its reputed clientele.

Is YouHodler Legit?

Although YouHodler is present in Cyprus and Switzerland, its offers are heavily geared toward the European Union.

This isn’t a disadvantage because the platform’s benefits and services are available to anybody on the planet.

YouHodler is a member of the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association and the Crypto Valley Association.

If a user needs to resolve a dispute, the Financial Commission provides a second line of defense. That simply implies you have a backup plan in case things go wrong.

YouHodler is led by a former head of marketing at Eurokommerz and Forex Club, who also serves as the company’s CEO. He is also the Western Chapter’s leader.

He also serves as the Western Chapter Chair of the Crypto Valley Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing blockchain technology in Western Europe.

This just signifies that this company isn’t out there to do unethical deals, but rather to establish itself in the burgeoning crypto world.

YouHodler also offers some enticing incentives to its users, such as interest-earning savings accounts for bitcoin holdings that can earn up to 12% APR.

You may quickly increase your profit potential by using compounding.

This, however, is entirely dependent on your personality and financial management tolerance. Alternatively, you might look at the platform’s other offerings.

Clients of YouHodler can deposit into any of the accepted cryptocurrencies on the platform to earn weekly interest payments in Bitcoin, Pax Gold, or stable coins.

The “earned” counter in the YouHodler dashboard can be used to track interest earned in real-time.

Your earnings are credited to your account automatically, with no delays or dishonest practices.

YouHodler is one of a number of platforms that offer fiat currency loans with cryptocurrency as security.

This is a terrific way to obtain fiat currency quickly without having to liquidate your crypto holdings. Many platforms that provide similar services do not provide this choice.

These loans are over-collateralized, which means you’ll have to put up bitcoin worth more than the amount you’re borrowing.

In the industry, this is a standard procedure and It is intended to secure your portfolios for whatever cause.

With a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 90%, YouHodler claims to have the highest loan-to-value (LTV) ratio in the industry. This data is also on their website.

Loans can also be kept to a bare minimum by accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies as collateral.

With their preferences in mind, users can choose a loan duration of 30 days, 60 days, or 180 days as the case may be.

What Are YouHodler Wallet Features

What is YouHodler? Lending with Crypto as Collateral

YouHodler gives all of its customers their own wallets. What distinguishes the YouHodler wallet is that it has a comprehensive set of vital functions, such as

  • Simple withdrawals and deposits.
  • simple exchange and conversion(crypto-crypto/crypto-fiat) of any crypto.
  • Stablecoin, and fiat.
  • Simple monitoring of transaction history and status.
  • Use of a mix of hot and cold storage to provide top-tier security for customer funds.
  • All wallet holders are protected by the Blockchain Association.

How Do I Get YouHolder Wallet?

Wallets will be created immediately after you register and are sent to your Wallet page.

There are three categories of wallets – cash, crypto, and stablecoins.



Use the Deposit/Receive button on the left side of the table to deposit your crypto, fiat, or stable currency.



The Exchange button allows you to convert crypto to fiat with a single click.



Simply utilize the Withdraw button on the panel to withdraw (transfer) Crypto or Stablecoins to another wallet. You can utilize a bank wire to withdraw fiat.


Transaction History

In the Transaction History area of your account, you may check all transaction statistics and history with your funds.


Other Features

YouHodler develops features to increase the value of crypto assets:

1. Crypto-backed loans allow one to receive income for routine requirements while hoarding at the same time because spending crypto assets today prohibits holders from benefiting from future asset value rise, investors who buy low must hang onto their assets in order to profit from selling high.

2. Integration of all payment solutions – Stable currencies, bank wires, and credit cards, connects with real-world and allows users to ‘purchase food, book flights, and pay bills by using crypto.

3. Trading solutions assists users in multiplying their assets by allowing them to play with them.

4. Web and mobile wallets are a secure and user-friendly alternative to pointless cryptocurrency wallets.

5. Saving accounts is just about gaining large deposit interest.


We hope that our review has helped you understand what YouHodler is all about and the services they provide.

What do you think? Scam or Legit? Do well to express your views in the comment section as we’ll be ready to engage you.

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