Where to Study/Learn Chinese Language In Nigeria

China is the most populated country in the world with about 1.4billon people and about 90% of them speak Chinese. Mandarin (Standard Chinese) is the official language in mainland China.

Do you want to learn how to speak and write the Chinese language adeptly? In this article we’ll be informing you on where you can learn and study Mandarin in Nigeria.


Why learn Mandarin in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are a lot of Chinese citizens currently residing in the country. Some have established factories and companies while others are involved in several other opportunities, whatever the case, these individuals often have a barrier in communication

This indicates that there is a high demand for people in Nigeria who can speak the Chinese language.

These individuals are needed to break the barrier in communication between Chinese and English, they stand in as translators, and they receive a good amount as salary.

Centers to Study/learn Chinese language in Nigeria

The only center you can learn Chinese language is the Confucius Institute, which are located at some Nigerian universities or polytechnics. They Include:

  1. University of Lagos
  2. Nnamdi Azikiwe University located in Awka, Anambra state
  3. Federal Polytechnic located in Oko, Anambra state
  4. University of Port harcourt located in Rivers State

Chinese Language Learning Programs in Nigeria

Chinese are taught in these various institutions mentioned above as programs or as HSK programs (HSK 1-6) program include a 4 year program after which they graduate and become holders in the language. programs are only available in the University of Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

HSK program involves studying through the various levels of the program of which has 6 levels.
It takes an average of 2years to complete the HSK program and they are available in all the institution s listed above

How much does it cost to study Chinese Language

For the program, it depends on how much the school charges as tuition fee, and it varies along different schools.

For the HSK program its cost about N40,000 to N55,000 depending on your status: if you are a student at the university or you are an outsider who just wishes to take part-time HSK classes.

Benefits of Learning Chinese Language.

Learning the language also makes it easier and more enjoyable to communicate with the locals and travel around to enjoy the beauty of the modern Asian kingdom for everyone who aspires to tour China and enjoy its lovely culture.

Here are a few benefits of studying the Chinese Language.

  1. Building a Global Social Network: What does it feel like to be able to communicate with over 1 billion individuals on the planet? Being able to communicate in Mandarin allows you to make friends everywhere you go and facilitates your assimilation.

    Having a global network of friends allows you to extend your viewpoints, better understand the world you live in, and create a positive attitude toward people. Aside from that, it provides you with excellent opportunity to network and engage with others, as well as gain experience.

  2. Explore Chinese Culture: China is a cultural treasure trove. Despite the country’s high degree of technology and progress, its cultural identity has not been lost. Because language is one of a place’s cultural components, you might begin learning Mandarin to get a sense of Chinese culture.

    With language proficiency, you can keep up with Chinese news, read Chinese stories, and watch popular Chinese animation in its original form.

    Experiencing diverse cultures has numerous advantages. It can assist you avoid becoming racially prejudiced and extend your worldview. These and other advantages can assist you in becoming a global citizen who understands the world and participates actively in its growth.

  3. Get a Job in China  Students of the Chinese language might profit from a variety of economic opportunities in China. Even if you still wish to live in Nigeria and work remotely, learning Mandarin would help you find a good career in China.

    If you decide to relocate to China, you can teach English at Chinese high schools or look for companies that require your skills.

  4. Scholarship Opportunities: Because of China’s vast market, there is always a demand for competent hands and creative ideas. Learning Mandarin will make it easier for you to acquire decent job offers in China if you have a marketable ability.

    Although Mandarin proficiency is not required to obtain a Chinese visa, it might considerably improve your prospects at the Embassy.

    As a Nigerian student, you can begin learning Chinese right now to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship for postgraduate study in China, as well as a lucrative employment once you complete your studies.

  5. Get a good paying job in Nigeria: Learning Chinese has economic benefits that extend beyond the international arena. Your ability to communicate in Mandarin might be a lucrative source of money in Nigeria.

    In Nigeria, you have a wide range of possibilities from which to choose. In large cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, you can become a Chinese private tutor and earn thousands of naira for just one or two hours of instruction.

    You can also work as a freelance Chinese translator and interpreter using sites such as Upwork and Fiverr. You might also work at Chinese embassies or institutes for a decent salary.

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