Vodacom Data Prices for 2020/2021

In this article, you’ll be reading about Vodacom Data Prices for 2020/2021
Vodacom Data prices for 2019
Vodacom Data Prices for 2019 and 2020

Vodacom has been an outstanding networks in South Africa. The Vodacom data prices has relatively been also outstanding. Vodacom stands to be one of the cheapest and most affordable network in South Africa because they have data plans/ packages that suits everyone’s standards. The Vodacom data plans has no restrictions as it can be used to surf the internet, get connected with your family and friends, video call, and any other thing that could be done with a mobile data.

Vodacom data prices have been made in such a way that even those earning really low can still afford without spending his or her last dime. Vodacom provides separate data packages for both individuals and business owners, these packages still assure high speed internet access without network interruption while it is been in use.

Vodacom Data Prices for 2020/2021

Vodacom Prepaid Plans

Vodacom Prepaid Plans are for those who may wish to subscribe to any of Vodacom data plans but worried about the Vodacom data prices. The Vodacom prepaid data plans are of various durations such as daily, weekly and fortnight, and even monthly plans which are recurring data plans. The subscribers now has all liberty to pick a plan that best suits him/ her. I’ll walk you through each of the prepaid packages.

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Daily Package

For the daily package, you can subscribe for
20mb for R5,
60mb for R9,
100mb for R14,
250mb for R27,

Weekly and Fortnight Package

For the Weekly and fortnight package, you can subscribe for
100mb for R17,
500mb for R57
1GB for R99


2020 Monthly and Recurring Package

For the Monthly and Recurring Packages,
15MB for R10,
30MB for R12,
55MB for R25,
100MB for R29,
250MB for R63,
500MB for R99,
1GB for R149,
2GB for R249,
3GB for R299,
5GB for R399,
10GB for R599,
20GB R999.

Pay Once Upfront

For the Vodacom Pay Once Upfront data plan, you can subscribe for 150mb with R29 which will be valid for three months. Paying R119 will give you 600mb which will be valid for six months. You’ll need to pay R219 for 1.5GB for six months as well, R339 for 3GB which will also be valid for six months.

You can also get 12.3gb for R899 on the Vodacom Pay Once Upfront and it will be valid for 12 months, 24.5GB for R1,399 which is valid for the same 12 months. When you pay R3,499 you’ll be given 61.4GB which will be valid for 12 months.

I hope I was able to break down Vodacom data prices for your best understanding. In this 2019 and 2020, data prices in South Africa is cheaper compared to other past years.

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