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How to Unlock Huawei Smartphone Bootloader

Huawei offers a high quality light that enables its users take superb pictures even when it is dark.

The qualities of Huawei smartphones are top on the list of phones which is why users strive to find out how to unlock Huawei smartphones bootloaders.

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 We’re all aware of the need to unlock its bootloader for flashing Roma on your Smartphone

Before you may open your bootloader, Huawei Phones will need to register an account with Huawei.

Follow this link on the Huawei developers account section to acquire your unlocking code.

How to Unlock Huawei Smartphone Bootloader 

How to Unlock Huawei Smartphone Bootloader

  • Ensure all your stuff is backed up.
  • Go to the configuration.
  • Check if the Developer option is available.
  • If it’s not found go over the phone.
  • Then tap Build Number until Developers Option is provided.
  • Go back and you will see developers option
  • Go to About Phone Developers Option.
  • Search for option OEM Unlocking.

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  • Click it if it is not turned on to Activate it.
  • Deactivate and activate it again if enabled.
  • A warning message will be sent to you. Accept it.
  • You could be urged to enter and proceed if your phone is security code.
  • Using USB Debugging you must also activate.
  • Power off your phone.
  • Press volume and power Button to boot to Fastboot at the same time.
  • Type CMD to locate CMD on your PC in your Windows PC search box.
  • To discover whether or not your bootloader has been opened,

    Enter the code * # * # 1357946 # * # * through the dial pad to get your product ID.

  • Complete and commit all appropriately.

  • Huawei will send you your unlocking code notification.
  • You’re going to give a code of 16 digits.
  • Go quickboot and get your phone unlocked.
  • Send this command to unlock your phone
  • Rapid boot oem Unlock Code
  • Wait for the completion of the progress bar.
  • You have unlocked your phone bootloader.

You can restart your phone and enjoy when you unlock your bootloader.


It has been difficult to unlock Hauwei Smartphone as not everyone is familiar with the outcome. 

Hopefully this article have enlightened you on how to unlock Hauwei smartphone bootloader. 

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