How To Do Full wordpress and blogspot SEO In 2020

After reading this article, you’ll get to understand how to do full wordpress and blogspot  SEO in 2020. I’ll be going down into details so that you can fully understand SEO in 2020 and practice it without much headaches.

At the end of this post, I’ll give out some of the best sites where I build my backlinks. Just a little gift from me. So for now, let’s go ahead to what brought about this article. Which is, Understanding How To Do Full SEO In 2020. 

How To Do Full wordpress and blogspot SEO In 2020

As days pass by, ranking becomes more and more tough and blogging becomes harder as competition for  different keywords takes a steady increase. The only possible way to achieve top position on Google and other search engines is with proper knowledge and practice of Both On-Page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O).

Am sure by now you already know all that but you still want to know how to do full seo in 2020. Then keep on reading to the end.

How To Do Full wordpress and blogspot SEO In 2020

The whole of SEO rests on the shoulders of only two things which are: On-Page and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page SEO consists of various activities to mark its name. But as for Off-Page SEO, you only have to do one thing; Backlink Building.

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I’ll now go deep into both for you to understand how to do full SEO In 2020.

On-Page SEO In 2020

As mentioned earlier, On-Page SEO consists of various activities. When writing an article which you wish to publish on your blog, there are various things you’ll need to consider if you want that article to rank 1st page on various search engine in 2020.

Firstly, you’ll have to observe your keyword placement. Always try to put your keyword within the first or second sentences of the first paragraph of your article.

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You also need to make sure that within your article, you try to make your target keywords as a heading. For best result, a ‘h2’ tag is most appropriate.

Don’t put your target keywords at places they don’t fit in to just because you want the article to be rich in the keyword. Most times, this will make your nice article unreadable by Google and a bad SEO practice.

Always  use your target keyword as image alt text. Image alt text is used so that if an image cannot be loaded completely, the alt text will be displayed. In SEO, the image alt text helps the image to rank high on any search engine and also help to make the article rich in the target keyword.

Your post title and permalink should contain your target keywords. Same goes for your meta tags. If you’re blogging on WordPress, then placing your target keywords on your meta tag is quite simple because you only have to install a plugin that let’s you do that. But for those blogging on, you have to edit your template to do this.

Make sure you refer to some of your previously written articles in any article you’re writing by placing the post link on the Anchor text. We call this Interlinking.

You should always practice Interlinking if you want to do full SEO in 2020. It will not only help in boosting the quality of your article, it also helps to increase your page view and page authority and reduce bounce rate.

Another good On-Page SEO activity you should endeavor to carry out if you want to do full SEO in 2020 is to try to write lengthy articles and make them structured the same way articles are being structured on textbooks.

Funny but true, articles that make it up to snippet level (Articles that rank with snippet) are always structured like articles you see on textbooks. So if you aim at ranking with snippet, try go through one or more textbooks and observe the structure. Or for best results, just look for an article that is ranking for snippet and copy its format. Also, try to avoid typos so that Google and other search engines can read what you wrote.

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Off-Page SEO In 2020

For Off-Page SEO in 2020, you just have one focused activity. Backlinks Building. But first, what are Backlinks and how do you build them.

Building a backlinks is basically taking your web page link (either post URL or Home page URL) and placing it on another website which has more Authority than yours. This is the hardest and most important part of SEO in 2020.

Its not always that easy to convince owners of top websites to place your link on their sites. Most times, they ask you to pay for it with cash and in other times, you pay for it by writing a guest post for their blog. Not that easy, right?

But there are other ways of Building backlinks. You can do this by commenting on sites that has the “website” field for you to enter your link while commenting. I’ve gotten various site that allow such listed out below this post. Just go to these blogs and place relevant comments. As you do so, insert you web link to gain Backlink to the site.

When building backlinks, always try to make you build Dofollow backlinks instead of Nofollow backlinks. If you’re confused on how to identify Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks, don’t worry. I will write a article on it soon.

There are various sites to help you identify the sites your competitors build their backlinks on, but for me I prefer to use a particular for this. The name of the is “SEO Backlinks”. Simply search it up on Play Store or click here to it on your phone.

Always be cautious of websites with high Spam Score. If a blog has Spam Score up to 10, do not build Backlinks with such blog. It will definitely stain your blog and prevent your pages from ranking. If you want to check the Spam Score of any website, click here.

After you’ve successfully created sufficient quality backlinks, you can alert Google that your link is ready to be crawled. To do so;

  • Quickly dash to your Google Search Console and click on URL Inspection.
  • A field will be provided for you to place your post link.
  • Paste your post link and hit “Go”
  • Locate and click on “Request Index”
  • Wait until you get an “Indexing Requested” pop-up
    Understanding How To Do Full SEO In 2020

This will help to hasten the time for backlinks and blog post to be indexed on Google.

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After you’re done with your On-Page and Off-Page SEO, you can easily check the score of your whole optimization. Click here to do so.

Summary On How To Do Full SEO In 2020

In due time, you’ll master all these process without referring back to this post. But just for quick recap of the whole article, here are the things you have to keep in mind while trying to do full SEO in 2020.

While writing:

  • Lengthy well structured article,
  • Proper keywords placement,
  • Put target keywords in Title, permalink, and meta keywords,
  • Put target keywords in Image Alt Text,
  • Proper post interlinking.

After Writing:

  • Build Quality Backlinks.
Sites to build backlinks include,


To do SEO in 2020 isn’t that complicated as many pro bloggers make it seem. The only big deal about it is that it is always time consuming (especially building of Backlinks).

But just take your time to perfectly optimize your blog and post for search engines to crawl it and you’re good to go.

Do you have any question on SEO in 2020 or I didn’t go deep enough as am supposed to, let me know through the comment box.

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