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How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound On iPhone

Imagine the horns of heavy-duty vehicles blaring at a very high pitch on a hot afternoon, that could be very annoying and irritating right?

The same thing could be said about the sound your phone makes whenever you try to make a screenshot, drawing attention to you that you’d rather not want at the moment.

What if I told you an easy way to get rid of that sound, would you try it out. Here’s how to turn the screenshot sound on your iPhone whenever you want to.

How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound On iPhone

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You can turn off the screenshot sound on your iPhone by following these simple steps

  • Settings >> Sounds >> Screen Capture >> flip the toggle to the off position.

Where Can I find Speaker Settings On My iPhone ?

The iPhone has a variety of sound settings to meet various needs. To access the speaker settings go to

Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Hearing Aids >> Enable Hearing Aid Mode.

The iPhone will then use its microphone to boost the volume of the sounds.


There you have it, how to turn off screenshot sound on iPhone

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