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How To Change Your Android Notification Tray

Getting notifications every now and then from different apps on your android could be very annoying especially when there are unnecessary, an these days a lot of pop-ups are.

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Good thing there is a way to make your android’s notification panel look neater and avoid incessant pop-up notifications from the various apps on your phone.

On our Android smartphones, we currently utilize a variety of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. All of these apps allow us to receive push alerts.

Well here is a simple way to centralize notifications on your android device.

How To Change Your Android Notification Tray

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Following the steps below, you can download an effective and reliable android application you can use to optimize your android’s notification tray.

  • From the Google Play Store, download and install Notification Hub on your Android phone.
  • Select the apps after launching the app. Those programs will be grouped together in a simple interface. After selecting the apps, press the ‘Forward’ button.

  • Grant all of the permissions that it has requested. Simply “allow” them.
  • Now hit the Home button to open the Notification Hub, which is now cleaner.

On the Notification tray, you will see the apps that provided you the notification, as well as numbers that indicate how many notifications you’ve received.

With the centralized hub, you can keep your Android’s Notification Tray neat and clear.

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