Top (11) Free PS4 Emulator Games For Android

Video games have always been a good way of taking our minds off issues and helping us relax in the midst of stress. 

Most times, however, these games are just available on consoles and other proprietary gadgets, which you must either play at home or on that particular gadget, there comes the problem.

What if I showed you top 11 free PS4 emulator games you can install and play right on your android phone? Yes, you read right, Top (11) Free PS4 Emulator Games For Android

What is PS4 Game Emulator For Android?

The PS4 Emulator is an Android emulator app like an Android App that will let you play PS4 games on the Android phone.

The emulator app is an open-source application that you can get for free.

This is not a heavy app, but your device configuration must be good enough to play PS4 games smoothly…….Click here to continue reading

Top (11) Free PS4 Emulator Games For Android

Here are some of the best PS4 games that you can play on your smartphone using the emulator that you have already installed.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gets a permanent price cut to $29.99 -  MSPoweruser

Another popular game from PlayStation 4 to make it into the list is the

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The game is Resident Evil 6’s sequel to the original and was released almost 4 years after the older one.

The game comes with graphics of high quality and provides rich gameplay.

The surrounding world of the game is horrible and is set in an old house where a family named Baker used to live there.

This is a must-select PS4 simulator game if you’re looking for an entirely exciting and captivating experience.

God of War III

God of War III PS3 Unlockables and Achievements Guide

The God Of War series is a very popular game for gamers to fight against.

Since its launch, the game series has been very popular. You can also play this lovely game using the PS4 emulator on your smartphone.

The game comes with an open world environment and provides rich gameplay with high-quality graphics.

Download and enjoy the God Of War III-remastered game on your pc.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V - Coming to New Generation Consoles - YouTube

Grand Theft Auto V is the Rockstar games of a newer age. It is the successor to the GTA IV.

An open-world game with endless missions, a game you must select from the PS4 emulator.

The game comes with smooth gameplay and HD graphics.

You have to walk around the city of Los Santos and complete all the tasks that you are given. The game is designed specifically for a PlayStation 4.

Even though the game isn’t accessible for mobile devices, you can still play the game using the PS4 emulator installed on your phone.

Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Free Download (v1.7) » SteamRIP

Call Of Duty 4 is a very good game and one of the best emulator PS4 games ever.

The game is rich in graphics, as well as true physics and gun hits.

You will be playing as a First Person Shooter and will be surprised at the features that the game provides including thermal imaging, night vision cameras, and more.

The game features a variety of weapons such as RPGs, machine guns, rocket launchers, and much more.


Kup FIFA 17 Origin

The FIFA 17 soccer game is a really nice game that you can play and take hold of on your computer.

The game is for PlayStation 4, and you can play it on your smartphone using the PS4 emulator.

It comes with HD graphics as well as real-time physics movements and player movements.

The most fascinating thing is that the game can be conveniently played at no cost.

Check the game from any third-party site on the web and you’ll be led to the game’s download links.

Marvel Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Venom Voice Actor, New Abilities, Screenshots and  More REVEALED! - YouTube

Insomnia Games’ Spider-Man game is a frenetic joy, eventually realizing Manhattan’s dream of swinging like the famous superhero of Marvel.

The game is well written and features some impressive graphics, but its strength lies in the tiny details-from how Spidey’s webs actually connect to houses, to the excellent photography mode of the game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition on Steam

Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the surface looks like a throwback to the era of isometric role-playing, typified by Baldur’s Gate likes.

It is certainly this, but with some of the best writing and quest design on this side of The Witcher 3, it’s so much more too.

Put in a good co-op mode and you’ve got an excellent fantasy RPG.

Monster Hunter: World

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD | PC Steam Game | Fanatical

Monster Hunter: World will see you venturing into a wild world with mysterious beasts to be classified and caught, like a character in a Victorian science-fiction novel.

Unlike a character in a fantasy of Victorian science fiction, you’re going to battle these gigantic monsters with impractically large swords, made by their slaughtered kin.

Much attention has been paid to designing the game’s environment, and the result is an image of a living, breathing planet in which humans are low on the food chain.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

CHSR-FM 97.9 | Rise of the Tomb Raider ReviewRise of the Tomb Raider Review  - CHSR-FM 97.9

Lara Cro’s Tomb Raider was one of the first couple of video games regarded as a 3D design pioneer.

So many years Rise of the Tomb Raider has returned with the same spirit to revive this iconic tale again.

The gameplay is not only about survival in the jungle and the setting, but it also involves the paramilitary group encounter.

Lara has set out on a quest to fulfill her dead father’s dream of becoming an archaeologist.

It has clearly developed visuals and amazing physics that make every moment of the game live up to you.

The survival scenario is incredibly similar to reality where every small detail has been considered to contribute to the gameplay.

One of the best and highly recommended RPG adventure games packed with mysteries and excitement.

Let this hidden world of ancient tombs and temples unfold their mystery before you.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) Review

In the game, our hero must destroy 16 giant creatures you haven’t seen before.

To save a girl will take place as a journey and our hero would one by one overcome sixteen big creatures.

It might sound easy but the actual trick is to find any creature’s weak spot that can really destroy it.

How will you go about it? By method of hit and measure, strike these supergiant creatures at different spots to see where they get the most.

Of course, you don’t have anything on the arm’s name but that’s what makes it more exciting.

Dragon Ball Fighterz

DRAGON BALL FighterZ - High level Gameplay #1 @ 1080p (60ᶠᵖˢ) HD ✓ - YouTube

Things get a little more serious when it comes to Dragon Ball Z, the same is with it where the players have some incredible super-human power that can transform giant mountains into dust.

Choose three of the fighters in this ps4 game from among all the Dragon Ball Z characters available and fight with them until the very end.

The animated graphics also retained the same spirit of animation for Dragon ball Z.

At the same time, making it one of the PS4 games with the most common and best multiplayer.

Tekken 7

TEKKEN 7 on Steam

Tekken 7 is the greatest video game series for gaming consoles to battle back. Has Tekken.

If you like gaming and for the very first time you’re not doing it, then you don’t need the introduction.

You can play it instead, to see how much Tekken 7 has improved with the characters in particular.

The same characters, each of which has a story has more on its name.

You’ll figure it out by giving this game some try. A decent ps4 game to try Tekken as an old-school fan.


There you have it, top (11) free PS4 emulator games for Android.

These are the best available PS4 emulator games that you can play on your Android phone using the emulator app.

Do share it with your friends if you find this good enough and also let us know if we missed out on any of the important games via the comment section.

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