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How To Take Screenshot On Iphone Xr

Screenshots act as a new age artifact, ordinary but valuable. They are a way to prove to others that you’re also seeing the crazy stuff you claim you are seeing.

Knowing how to take screenshots on your iPhone XR is something every user should know how to do because it sort of gives you total control of your phone.

This article provides you with everything you need to know about how to take screenshots on iPhone XR.

How To Take Screenshot On iPhone Xr

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To take a screenshot on the iPhone X:

1. Press and hold the Side and Volume Up buttons simultaneously

2. You will hear a shutter sound and have a light beam on your phone screen

3. This means that you successfully took the screenshot

4. The image is stored in the screenshot folder of your Iphone’s photo gallery


How to take screenshots on iPhone XR is totally easy and simple.

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