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How To Take Screenshots on iPhone 6 Device

Surfing the internet could be quite an interesting adventure as there are so much catchy content online, ranging from pictures to write-ups and too so many other things too.

More often than not, you would want to view these contents more than once, and visiting the various sites often and on could just be so much to do.

How about just taking screenshots of whatever you want and having it right in your gallery at your disposable whenever you want.

Yes, it is possible and I will be showing you just how to take screenshots on iPhone 6 device.


How to Take Screenshots On iPhone Device

Apple iPhone 6 - 16Gb Silver Grade A Phone - Recosi : Recosi

  • Press and hold both the home and power buttons simultaneously.

  • The captured image will be saved to your camera roll.

How To Take Screenshots on iPhone 6s

  • Keep the power and home buttons pressed down simultaneously.

  • The screenshot will be saved to the Photos app on your device.


How to take screenshots on iPhone 6 device hasn’t been this quick and easy.

Successfully taken a screenshot? Share with us your experience via the comment section, we would love to know how efficient it was.


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