[Legit or Scam] SmartEarn Investment Review: How to Earn

With so many investment platforms out there, it is so easy for you to get duped.

Just like the others, SmartEarn Investment is the latest investment platform on the internet which begs the question, is SmartEarn legit or scam, and how to earn with it.

We hope to, through this article answer these questions and more.

Read on.

What is SmartEarn Investment

SmartEarn Investing is an app-driven forex trading platform that aims to reward investors while also educating them on how to start forex trading based on their investment plans.

As with Earners FX, SmartEarner operates the same way, but their investment strategies vary. The investment plans available for SmartEarn and Return On Investment (ROI) are;

  • BASIC PLAN (3k) 50% ROI In 7days (N4,500).

  • ADVANCED PLAN (5k) – 60% ROI In 10days (N8,000).

  • PRO PLAN (10k) – 100% ROI in 14days (N20,000)

  • MASTER PLAN (20k) – 100% ROI in 21days (N40,000).

Simply put, with N3,000 and after the Simple Package, you’ll be expected to invest
You’ll be billed N4,500 for 7 days of savings.

In the ADVANCED Scheme, you will be expected to spend N5,000 and you will be paid N8,000 after 10 days of your deposit.

You will invest in the PRO Scheme with N10,000 and after 14 days of your deposit, N20,000 will be credited to you.

You will spend N20,000 in the MASTER PLAN, and after 21 days of your deposit, you will be billed N40,000.

SmartEarn Investment Founder

We found no information on the founder of SmartEarn Investments

However, learning a brand owner’s past record is a step toward realizing how real it is and the profile’s credibility.

No verifiable information about who owns or manages the company on its website is offered by SmartEarn Investment.

SmartEarn Investment Referral Service

For any web-based network, the referral model follows a trend, and every business needs to promote its product, app, or website to allow all prospective customers the chance to express their relations, build a new member, and gain a bonus as a reward.

Besides the investment and its ROI, a member is also paid by SmartEarner for recommending a potential member to the platform.

Referral earnings for SmartEarn are dependent on the referee.

The simple plan gives you a bonus of #500, the advanced plan earns you #1,000, the pro plan earns you #1,500 and the master plan earns you #2,000.

If your referee subscribes to the respective package mentioned above, the above is what you can receive.

Investment SmartEarn Sign up

There are not many activities required to undertake in order to earn or make money on the network, as SmartEarn is an investing platform.

All you need to do is launch the app and then pick an investment plan, your earnings will start counting automatically, and when your investment plan expires, you will be eligible for withdrawal.

SmartEarn Registration for Investment

Registration of SmartEarn Investment on the web is not that difficult, but it is very important to make the details below helpful as you may need them.

  • Email Address

  • Name of Consumer

  • Telephone Number

  • Info for Contacts

  • Login Password

Investment Login for SmartEarn

It’s clear that you have to register successfully before you have access to the SmartEarn Investment login tab.

Only the below is necessary to log into SmartEarn Investment

  • Name of Consumer

  • Login Password

Is SmartEarn Investment Legit?

With SmartEarn, just like FX earners, withdrawal is also carried out via internal transmission transfers from one participant (via cryptocurrency) to another.

What this suggests is that if you get your investment expires and your gains are passed to your SmartEarner.

You should pass your Smart Earner Currency (SEC) to a colleague’s account while he pays you in cash.

At this point, we are unable to be 100% genuine and should not be claimed to be a fraud at the same time. Since it currently pays and no one complains about it as at this period when this review is published.

Is SmartEarn Investment a Fraud?

At this point, we are unable to be 100% genuine and should not be claimed to be a fraud at the same time.

Since it currently pays and no one complains about it as at this period when this review is published.

However, don’t be fooled by deals that look too good to be true.


This report from the SmartEarn Investment Review is not directed at defaming or encouraging SmartEarn Investment.

This article is solely intended for Informative motives and a truthful roadmap from our point of view.

What do you think? Scam or Legit? Do well to express your views in the comment section as we’ll be ready to engage you.

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