Satorify Review: Is Satorify Scam or Legit

Satorify Review: Is Satorify Scam or Legit

Satorify is a great way to learn new skills and reach your personal objectives in the online economy. Their website gets you to earn in minutes and with their security tokens they provide quick, no-fee payments .Satorify Review: Is Satorify Scam or Legit


Satorify, at its core,  is a tool members use to achieve goals. What is it that you aspire to? by providing access to a diverse number of micro tasks and jobs, they take your goals in stride and set you on a path to reach them

Also, the Satorify  provides increasingly indepth training for members. This means the more their users progress, the more they develop skills and abilities they use in the real world!

Satorify was built to be rewarding and fun. Also made the website intuitive and simple, it also helps to tracks your progress toward the goals you set. During the course, you will uncover certifications and badges   that will take you to higher-paying roles, you will always be going up with Satorify.

They want to help you grow and to grow the platform also! They have a lot planned for the future so stay focused. meanwile, why not get into the game? Opportunity onboard at


How Satorify Works

  • Begin Task: hundreds of  daily tasks for you to complete to earn valuable tokens called CLM  are vailable on Satorify. It will not cost you.
  • Increase Your Goals!: Collect your CLM or apply them toward Cards you recieve to win prizes. is here to help you accomplish your goals!
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Satorify Quests

The Platform allows all members to complete Quests on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in order to win the coveted Shapeshifter Card.

Those who also earn the Shapeshifter Card can exchange it for ANY specific Card in the game, including the ones they are missing to finish their Card Collection. What it takes is a little work, but once completed, the prize is  guaranteed!

Here are task in each Quest:

Daily Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all daily quests 20 5
Complete 3 video jobs 1
Share a on social networks after completed 1
Open 2 chest 5
Claim 3 active time rewards 5
Claim 1 rank reward 5
View product 1
Weekly Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all weekly quests 200 12
Claim reward for  all Daily completed quests 5 times 3
Refer a friend 3
Purchase a Power-Up at the Shop 3
Complete 25 jobs 3
Monthly Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all monthly quests 200 1 Shapeshifter
Claim the reward for all Daily Completed quests 30 times 3
Use 3 card exchange power-ups 3
Refer 5 friends 3
Complete 210 jobs 3

Quests are easy way to win an almost sure prize. Start to get Shapeshifter Card today!

Satorify Program

launched and each Satorify member has been  registered and assigned in a   group!

The top 10 winners from each group will win different prizes, including and CLM.

It’s easy to win. Just refer new members to Satorify and earn more tournament points. users can multiply point totals by increasing their rank. if your rank is high , your multiplier goes high

You can increase your rank by earning more CLM or by purchasing CLM on exchange.


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Is Satorify

Satorify is a platform for connecting employers around the world online with global microtask forces which bring the gig economy into the world.

By providing range of jobs posted by distributed employers and configuring them into primary or secondary income sources Satorify allows net-connected individuals to increase their own – and the community’s standard of living .

Also to provide specific, affinity-based, measurable gigs to remote workers, Satorify also provides its users with tools and training.

So, in addition to their gig, members can create and manage their own online teams, turning them into entrepreneurs overseeing and deriving additional pride and income from the works of their virtual teams.

There’s no investment required, so the chances of it being fake are low, we only worry if it is not effective

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