Satorify Review: Is Satorify Scam or Legit

If you are in that class of people who need a satorify review to ascertain if satorify is scam or legit, this article is your answer.

Satorify is a fully automated token redemption system that performs marketing tasks for companies and earns exchangeable CLM tokens.

The Satorify website helps you earn in minutes, and with their security tokens, they provide quick, fee-free payments.

Satorify Review: Is Satorify Scam or Legit

Satorify was built to be rewarding and fun. With an intuitive and simple website, it helps to track your progress toward the goals you set.

Every course unlocks certifications and badges that set you on the path to higher-paying roles.

How Satorify Works

Satorify has two essential features:

  • Begin Task: Hundreds of daily tasks for you to complete to earn valuable tokens called CLM  are available on Satorify.
  • Increase Your Goals: Collect your CLM or apply them toward Cards you receive to win prizes.

Satorify Quests

The Platform allows all members to complete Quests on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to win the coveted Shapeshifter Card.

Those who earn Shapeshifter Cards can exchange them for ANY specific Card in the game, including those yet to finish Card Collection.

Here are the tasks in each Quest:

Daily Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all daily quests 20 5
Complete 3 review video jobs 0 1
Share a job on social networks after completed 0 1
Open 2 chest 5 0
Claim 3 active time rewards 5 0
Claim 1 rank reward 5 0
View product 1  
Weekly Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all weekly quests 200 12
Claim reward for  all Daily completed quests 5 times 0 3
Refer a friend 0 3
Purchase a Power-Up at the Shop 0 3
Complete 25 jobs 0 3
Monthly Quest Tasks CLM Reward Card Reward
Complete all monthly quests 200 1 Shapeshifter
Claim the reward for all Daily Completed quests 30 times 0 3
Use 3 card exchange power-ups 0 3
Refer 5 friends 0 3
Complete 210 jobs 0 3

Quests are an easy way to win an almost sure prize.

Satorify Referrals

Satorify launched a referral program, with Satorify members registered and assigned to referral groups.

The top 10 winners from each group win different prizes, including Bitcoin and CLM.

Users can multiply point totals by increasing their rank. If your rank is high, your multiplier goes high.

You can increase your rank by earning more CLM or purchasing CLM in exchange.

Is Satorify Legit?

Satorify is a platform for connecting employers worldwide with global microtask forces that bring the gig economy into the world.

By providing a range of jobs posted by distributed employers and configuring them into primary or secondary income sources, Satorify allows net-connected individuals to increase the community’s standard of living.

Also, to provide specific, affinity-based, measurable gigs to remote workers, Satorify provides its users with tools and training.

So, in addition to their gig, members can create and manage their online teams, turning them into entrepreneurs overseeing and deriving additional pride and income from the works of their virtual teams.

As there are no investments required, public members should worry about the effectiveness of Satorify and not its legitimacy.


Satorify was built to be rewarding and fun. An intuitive and simple website that helps you achieve all of your career goals. 

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