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How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password (Updated)

The Factory Reset  feature is the best thing to happen to any mobile phone, particularly the iphone and here is why.

It quite normal for we to forget our passwords to our phones sometimes. And this could be very frustrating. However with Factory Reset on iPhone your don’t need a password to get back complete control of your phone.

What to Do When Your iPhone or iPad Keeps Going to the Lock Screen

Knowing how incredibly confidential the iphone can be, your might just be locked forever without your password because, you will need a password to unlock your iPhone for the first time and to open the cloud storage too. Everything about the iPhone and its security requires passwords.

Normally, factory resetting your phone without your password should be nearly impossible, but with the iphone, you should able to that seamlessly if you follow the steps below.

This security feature, however, protects user data and can be a thorn for yourself, particularly if you forget your password. The worst thing is that the iPhone is only reset by a factory and the factory reset requires password. There is no other way to unlock it. Everything will be done using this instruction. We shall continue with the way we will use an iOS software.

iPhone Factory Reset without Password

Here is how to unlock your iphone if you ever forget your password.


Make sure your iPhone, your PC and your original USB cord is 60% higher.

How to Reset an iPhone Without the Password

STEP 1: Make sure your iPhone’s backup is not lost. Then click here to download iTunes on your PC.

STEP 2: Connect your iPhone’s USB wire to your PC and start up or open your downloaded iTunes program.

STEP 3: The screen with various alternatives will then show and you will kindly click on the restore iPhone and have an iTunes dialog box.

STEP 4: Now you can click on the option NEXT>>ADD shown in the Dialog box and iPhone update software.

STEP 5: Now you have to wait till your iPhone restores and you may input a new password after that.

You should be able to enjoy your iphone with no restrictions now.

Hope this was helpful to you. Do give us a feedback on how effective it was for via the comment section.

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