How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password (Updated)

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password, Have you forgotten your password on iPhone or any other element of the iPhone that needs a password? Yea! Without using a password, you may now reset your iPhone. You may believe it’s impossible, however with this article or instruction it’s really possible.

How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password


iPhone are incredibly confidential, as most of it needs a password and your phone might be locked forever without a password. You need a password to unlock your iPhone for the first time and open the cloud storage. All about iPhone is security and passwords. In fact.


This security feature, however, protects user data and can be a thorn for yourself, particularly if you forget your password. The worst thing is that the iPhone is only reset by a factory and the factory reset requires password. There is no other way to unlock it. Everything will be done using this instruction. We shall continue with the way we will use an software.


iPhone Factory Reset without Password

Requirements; make sure your iPhone, your PC and your original USB cord is 60% higher.

STEP 1: Make sure your iPhone’s backup is not lost. Then click here to iTunes on your PC.

STEP 2: Connect your iPhone’s USB wire to your PC and start up or open your downloaded iTunes program.

STEP 3: The screen with various alternatives will then show and you will kindly click on the REStore iPhone and have an iTunes dialog box.

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STEP 4: Now you can click on the option NEXT>>ADD shown in the Dialog iPhone update software.

STEP 5: Now you have to wait till your iPhone restore and you may input a new password after that. You will be able to enjoy your iPhone after that.

So you may unlock your iPhone without needing any password, through factory resetting.

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