Requirements To Study Psychology In Nigeria

Simply put, has to do with the study of the mind. It is a field of study that has to do with understanding how a human being behaves under certain circumstances and under certain conditions.

It is most commonly said in Nigeria that is Psychologist (an expert in the field of ) has the ability to read the mind of people. This is made possible although not necessarily accurate due to the fact that psychologist are taught to observe and match certain behaviors and characters with various gather statistics.

To successfully study in Nigeria, aspirants will want to ensure that they meet up to the both socially and academically as well.

Is a Good Course in Nigeria?

is rated as one of the most lucrative course to study in Nigeria due to the various fields at which their services can be deployed.

During a training program in any University in Nigeria, you will be meant to undergo a lot of training that has to do with

  • Addiction
  • Child & Adolescent Development (puberty)
  • Criminal Justice & Investigation
  • in relation to Law
  • Workplace e.t.c.

With in-depth knowledge in the above stated areas, it is quite true that they can virtually be employed in all areas of human endeavor.

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A psychologist can be employed in almost all areas of human endeavor which include

  • Human resource group of any company
  • Health care facilities
  • The special forces which include the police, custom and other criminal investigation bodies
  • Counselling unit of any organisation such as schools, churches, NGO’s an others
  • The Judiciary arm of Government

Requirements to Study in Nigeria

To study in any University in Nigeria that offers Psychology, aspirants will have to meet the social and academic (SSCE & UTME) meets of the institution.

The academic meets are classified into various phases due to the way the Nigerian educational system is structured, so I will be breaking them down into the various phases

SSCE Requirements to Study in Nigeria

Candidates aspiring to study psychology in any Nigeria, must sit for the Senior School leaving Certificate Examination (SSCE) which can either be that conducted by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) or that conducted by the Nigeria National Examination Council (NECO).

A candidate who wants to study psychology in Nigeria is expected to have at least enroll and have at least five (5) credits in any of the subjects below :

  • English Language
  • Mathematics (at least a pass)
  • Government / History
  • any other four subject of interest

Once you meet the above qualifications, you can then proceed to writing the Unitary Matriculation Examination popularly called JAMB.

UTME / JAMB Requirements to Study Psychology in Nigeria

AS you know, to study any course in any Nigerian institution, you will be required to participate in the JAMB examination where you will be tested in English Language and any other three subjects (depending on your area of study).

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The accurate JAMB subject combination for psychology students include English Language and any other three Art or Social Sciences subjects.

You will also have to score high in order to easy secure admission in any Nigeria University. However, you can also secure admission into 200 Level by enrolling in the JUPEB program.


To study Psychology in Nigeria, you have to possess a valid senior school leaving certificate and a good score in the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination with a subject combination of English and any other three Art or Social Science subject.

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According to , it takes a duration of FOUR YEARS to study psychology in Nigeria (first degree).

Is Psychology a Art or Social Science Course?

As at today, psychology is neither considered as an Art or Social Science subject as it can be studied by any of the two categories. The only requirement is that you have the appropriate subject combinations as I have listed above.