is R Network Review- Legit or scam- See this Before you Join

is R Network or – R Network Registration and Login

R Network Review – Legit or scam - R Network Registration and Login

 What Is R Network ?

R Network is an online program that can be used to make money by linking to others and forming a team via an MLM matrix structure that offers many ways you can earn, the business model is built to earn money.

The cash-back and simple biz opp market will be the niche that I’d say this business is.

The Summary of the Business

We like to see who owns or runs it when taking a look at any software that will help you make money by offering an MLM business.

This provides others with the opportunity to study the owner’s history and experience.


Monthly Incentive for Profits

Unfortunately, the website does not include this information, but with the promotions that are available on the Internet, we were able to learn that Richard Smith is the owner and president of R Network.

Trent Walker is the second partner who is involved with R Network, saying that he is the owner of NetChain Squared.

He also says he handed financials to Google and received around $700 million a month, which makes us think how secure this guy is?

In any case, that’s what Trent says.

The business seems to be closely aligned with Digital Vault and RevvCard and for whatever reason, seems to have isolated itself from Digital Vault and stick with the RevvCard.

They are accepting “paying” affiliate member registrations as of right now but the company has announced that they are not launching until an estimated Christmas date of 2019, which is really odd to us and not really common in any situation especially when they accept paid registrations.

The fees associated with the programme are one of the items to take note of.

It will cost you $1 to convert cryptocurrency to other coin transfers, and it will cost you $5.95 to transfer your to fiat, which is your regular dollar sum.

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Since most of the original members come from the Nui company, there are a lot of items that are actually interesting.

The business is currently in pre-launch, but accepts fees to participate and will not be released until possibly early 2020, either way.

Having said that, that’s all the data we have about the company, let’s move on to the next segment.

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What products are provided by R Network?

R Analysis of Network Goods No Retail

We are going to take a look at the items that R Network provides in this portion of the analysis.

They do not sell any product as of right now only the option to pay the membership fees “monthly” and join since they are probably in pre-launch.

The owner has confirmed that they plan to sell RevvCard, which is supposedly priced for retail customers at $100 and $150, for members.

There is an associated with the RevvCard, but at this point, I’m just not really sure about the validity of it.

I’m not saying that it’s fake, I’m just saying that because of the company’s Massive delay in launching it for launch, why would they even step forward at this time and welcome any membership payments if not everything is ready?

At this point, it just brings up more questions than responses.

With that said, let’s move on.

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How does the Compensation Scheme for The R Network work?

R Breakdown of Network Incentive Package

We will take a look at how the incentive package works in this portion of the analysis and how you can start making money with the R Network opportunity.

Basically, there is only one way to gain commissions, which is:


Commissions for

Just Getting Started

The first thing you have to do as an affiliate member, is enter.

The only choice you have is to pay a first month fee of $65 and then you must keep paying $35 per month to retain your commission status and to withdraw funds.

On affiliate members who also pay this charge that is in your downline, you are charged.

Commissions on Persons Referred

You will receive $11.50 on the first 3 commissions and then $2.50 per month on all of your individually referred members who pay the charge to enter.

You can receive $2.00 on your monthly $35 premium for all monthly paying members.

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Residual Commissions Matrix

The matrix incentive scheme is used for the commission system that the company uses to pay out your commissions every month.

This is organized inside a matrix of 3X10.

To maximize your earnings from the matrix commissions, you are expected to personally sponsor at least 3 members.

You can fill all the positions by indirect or direct sponsorship, except for the first 3 top positions.

You will need to support and retain at least 9 paying participants to qualify to benefit from all 10 tiers of your matrix compensation package.

With R Network, how do you make money?

Here is a rundown of what it feels like:

Only your first matrix level will unlock commissions when you hire and retain 1 member.

You can unlock commissions on the first 2 matrix levels when you hire and retain 2 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first 3 matrix levels when you hire and retain 3 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first 4 matrix levels when you hire and retain 4 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first 5 matrix levels when you hire and retain 5 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first 6 matrix levels when you hire and retain 6 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first 7 matrix levels when you hire and retain 7 members.

You can unlock commissions on the first eight matrix levels when you hire and retain 8 members.

You can unlock 10 commission levels when you hire and retain 9 members.

I am not sure if this is still in effect due to pre-launch, but it should also be noted that you are expected to pay 1% of the money spent on the network by RevvCard debit accounts and another 1% of mortgage payments.

Now because they are still at least six months out from production, I’m sure the compensation package will change, so just keep that in mind.

With that said, that’s all the knowledge there is on how the compensation plan operates and how with the R Network compensation plan you can make money.

Let’s proceed.

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Frequently asked Questions

We are going to address some of the questions that people might have when thinking about entering the R Network opportunity in this portion of the analysis.

Is R Network BBB Accredited?

R Nework Better Business BureauNo, R Network is not officially approved by the Better Business Bureau.

This is not an indication that the business is a fraud, it just means that it is not listed or accredited to the business.

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There have been a lot of services and enterprises that are 100 percent legitimate that we have come into.

What’s the fee to join the R Network?

For the first month, the minimum cost to access the R Network is $65 and then $35 per month thereafter.

Now let’s respond to the query many of you were waiting for, which is…

Is it a or a legitimate opportunity for R Network?

Is R Network A or  

In my view, we can’t really judge whether it’s a because it’s not even completely launched yet because the software is still in pre-launch.

The R network is not in enforcement, as it is now and here is why:

When running an MLM business, no retail goods are offered.

So if the business takes fees, then I’d say it’s a working business that needs to comply with the law.

If I had to judge it now then yes, I’d regard it as a pyramid system that only provides the chance to make money from it.

Analysis of My Final R Network And Thoughts

We will share our final thoughts about the potential for the R Network as a whole in the final section of my study.

We have taken the time to study and review the business, the products, and the compensation plan details.

You should have a fair idea at this stage about what it is, how it operates, what they are selling, and how you can make money from it.


What are your feelings this far about it?

But the issue is here…

Would I recommend the R Network Incentive  to us?

No, there are so many red flags that we found while researching the software for the R Network.

They haven’t got a commodity,

They take payments without officially launching the business,

One guy from the owner or management team is Very sketchy.

I wouldn’t mess around with it personally.

With that said, I hope that you enjoyed my analysis of R Network.

Thank you for loving me!

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