How To Get Notifications From Gmail Directly On Your PC

Being handy and convenient, we tend to carry out almost all of our activities on our mobile phones.

But then, never miss out on valuable information just because your email isn’t linked to your PC

Here is how to get notifications from Gmail directly on your PC, easy and quick.

About Gmail

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Gmail is a popular online website that allows users to access a wide range of services such as online search results and breaking news.

It also supports online mail systems, a directory, and yahoo answers, among others, Gmail has millions of teeming users all around the world.

It is one of the most popular social media networks with the largest number of registered users and it could be said that nearly every person on the internet is also on the Gmail

How To Get Notifications from Gmail Directly On Your PC

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  •  On your PC launch Google chrome and then visit your Gmail account.

  • Now there click on the right gear icon and then choose Settings.

  • To proceed, you need to trigger the latest mail alerts and then tick the option Click here to trigger Gmail alerts.

  • Now in your Google Chrome, you’ll see a message asking you to simply click on the Allow button to allow Gmail desktop notifications.

  • Your Gmail account will send the message directly to your Google chrome using this.

  • This is it! You’re done, now all of your email alerts will appear instantly on your Google Chrome so you can quickly see and then open your account to find out what’s happened in your account.


How to get notifications from Gmail directly on your PC has never been this easy and quick. Set up your Gmail notifications on your PC and be on your way to receiving your mails without delay.

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