MyBlog9ja Review: How MyBlog9ja works

At this moment, you’ll be reading my personal MyBlog9ja review and understand how MyBlog9ja works.

MyBlog9ja Review: How MyBlog9ja works

There have been a lot of online earning platforms that came out within the last two years. The platforms are of various categories like surveys sites that pay you to answer surveys (Onepoll, Pollpass, Survey Nigeria e.t.c), sites where you go to read posts, comment and refer others to earn (Nnu, Wakanda, Cashflow e.t.c), platforms where you do some tasks for them and they pay you, and lots more.

MyBlog9ja perfectly falls into the category of platforms were you read post, comment and refer others to join to get paid. Its activities are similar to any online income program.

What is MyBlog9ja

As mentioned earlier, MyBlog9ja is simply an online earning platform. MyBlog9ja was created by the owners of that was initially called a site. The reason Blog9ja was tagged as a site was because they stopped paying and went offline with out refunding the money of those who registered to site.

MyBlog9ja, according to it’s owners, is just a reformed version of Blog9ja. They are here to prove that Blog9ja was not really a but just had a lot of issues that could not cope with and the best option was to close it down.

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Now they’ve decided to use MyBlog9ja to prove and to show that they were really not out to anyone but to give the Nigerian youths an easy means on how to make money online by reading and doing other little tasks.

How Does MyBlog9ja Work: MyBlog9ja

If you have been familiar with Blog9ja, you won’t find it hard understanding How MyBlog9ja Works. They are both similar (or should I say the same). They both operate under the same rules and procedures.

According to those who run MyBlog9ja, premium members of Blog9ja will need not to pay to sign up for MyBlog9ja as their accounts will be migrated from Blog9ja to MyBlog9ja. Although, this process is not yet finished but still under work.

How to earn on MyBlog9ja

Here are the ways to earn on MyBlog9ja

  • When you Sign up, you’ll be credited with 250mb
  • N2 for reading each post
  • N5 for each comment made on a post
  • N50 for daily login
  • N50 for sharing sponsored post to Facebook
  • N50 for each approved post you make on the platform
  • N800 and 500mb for each you get to MyBlog9ja

The minimum amount you can have to be enabled to withdraw your earnings on MyBlog9ja is N4,000 while the maximum allowed to be withdrawn weekly N50,000.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on MyBlog9ja

Its quite simple actually. You can easily withdraw your earnings on MyBlog9ja by filling up a withdrawal form. You simply fill in your bank details and the amount you intend on withdrawing then click on submit. Payments are done weekly.

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Remember, you cannot withdraw any amount lower than N4000 on MyBlog9ja so if your earnings hasn’t reached that amount, you just have to be patient for it to get to N4000.

Is MyBlog9ja or Scam?

At the moment, MyBlog9ja is still too new to say if MyBlog9ja is either a paying site or not. No payment proof has been given so I’ll advice everyone to first sit back and observe. But if you’d like to go ahead to register, the choice is yours to make.

How to sign up to MyBlog9ja

To register for MyBlog9ja, you’ll need to pay a onetime registeration fee of N1400. When you do, you’ll be given a premium access to the site

If you’d like to sign up to MyBlog9ja, click here.

You’ll be given a form to fill in with your details.


I think when joining new online income programs like MyBlog9ja, it’s best to join when the program is still new and hot. It’s not too advisable to join late. Most people prefer to be given tons of payment proofs before they join and by that time, the program may already be crashing.

Take a bold step and join when it is still new and buzzing. It only costs N1400 to register.

Happy Earning

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