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How To Get Free 1Gb Data With My Airtel App

With so many expenses we have to deal with daily, data shouldn’t be part of it.

This is why Airtel has made available sufficient data at very minimal cost which can be afforded by virtually everyone.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely exciting if you can get free 1Gb data from the Airtel Tv App?

In recent times, data connectivity has been paramount on everyone’s priority list, as it is being said in local parlance, data is life. This -data, is what the Airtel Tv App offers.


What is The Airtel Tv App

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The Airtel Tv App is an app powered by Airtel where you can stream and download unlimited movies, TV shows, Music videos, and Popular video clips across Bollywood, Regional and International content. 

It helps you experience the thrill of various movies and TV series online, and also create your favorites list and share it with your friends.


What Does The Airtel Tv App Do

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Apart from the intriguing video content it offers, do you know you could also win up to 3Gb worth of data for free on the Airtel Tv app, yes this is very possible.

I’m sure we all enjoyed the Airtel free 1Gb recently, but the is way better, a whooping 3Gb for free, who does that!

I couldn’t believe it myself, thought it was just a PR stunt cos it was too good to be true.

For sure you could have similar skepticism about the Airtel Tv app, and that is okay, but after going through this article, I’m sure all your doubts will be cleared.

So let’s get down to how you can get this freebie.

How To Get Free 1Gb Data With My Airtel Tv App

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Follow these steps and you might just be on your way to a free 3Gb worth of data from Airtel Tv

  • Get a working smartphone

  • Stable internet connection

  • Airtel sim card

  • Airtel tv mobile app

  • Receive your mobile data in a jiffy

  • Download Airtel Tv app from google or apple playstore by CLICKING HERE

  • After downloading open the app and then enter your number on the registration page.

  • An OTP will be sent to that number which is automatically identified by the app then you will be taken to the homepage of the app.

  • You can test your data balance using *140#

  • Validity is six (6) days.


There you have it, how to get free 1Gb data on Airtel Tv app, simple and easy.

Try it out and share your experience with us via the comment section, we will be glad to hear from you and how you enjoyed the free data.

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