What Is The Difference Between Biochemistry And Medical Biochemistry

Difference Between Biochemistry And Medical Biochemistry

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The field of is one of the most respected disciplines of Medical studies. It may interest you to know that most of Medical inventions are being discovered by biochemists.

Difference Between Biochemistry And Medical Biochemistry

Basically speaking, for the first degree in Nigeria, only two aspects of is available which are 

There are also other aspects of Biochemistry but they are available as further studies (masters degree and PhD) in Nigeria.

What does Biochemistry in Nigeria entail

According to the Merriam-Webster

dictionary, Biochemistry is that branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical compounds and processes occurring in organisms.

However, the scope of study goes beyond that, Biochemistry is the study of the molecular basis of living things.

In order word, you will be studying the various pathways and metabolic processes that take place in living things.

What’s the difference between and Biochemistry in Nigeria

The definition of Medical Biochemistry can’t be far fetched from the previous definition of Biochemistry given above.

Medical Biochemistry is simply the study of the Biochemistry of humans.

So the is that while Biochemistry deals with all living things, Medical Biochemistry deals specifically with human beings in order to improve the health standard of man.

So if you are studying Biochemistry in any university in Nigeria, you would be taught about it in general (Biochemistry of trees, animals, humans e.t.c), however, Medical Biochemistry is more precise and focused on just the Medical(human) aspect of life.

Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry difficulty level in Nigeria

It has been a popular saying among students across Nigeria that Biochemistry is one if not the most difficult course to study in Nigeria.

Actually, from statistics conducted by CourseAdviser, an average of 1 out of 80 students graduate with a first class in either Biochemistry or Medical Biochemistry every year.

The main reason for this is because Biochemistry is part of what is called abstract science. So you actually start learning something extremely new at 100L. Both of them require four years of study in any Nigerian university. However very few Universities in Nigeria offer Medical Biochemistry as a course

Medical Biochemistry vs Biochemistry in Nigeria – which is better


From various metrics we use to measure how lucrative a course is in Nigeria, we can clearly say that Medical Biochemistry seems to be more lucrative than Biochemistry in Nigeria.

Medical Biochemistry is better than Biochemistry in Nigeria because the salary scale in Nigeria tends to favour health workers over researchers.

Some of the factors we considered are 


It is important to consider the related to your course of study as this would help you know what exactly the future holds. When you take a look at the courses closely related to Biochemistry you would find , animal science and the rest of it sort, that is why they are classified under the Faculty of Life Science in almost all Universities in the country.

On the other hand, Medical Biochemistry because of the Medical relevance is classified under the School of Basic . Although this has not been put in effect in some Universities due to the fact that it is a new course in the Nigeria educational system.

So the related to Medical Biochemistry are Anatomy, Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Physiology e.t.c.

So if you have any interest in going for any health related course in the future, I would strongly recommend you go for Medical Biochemistry.

Salary scale of Medical Biochemist compared to Biochemist in Nigeria

There is no doubt that employment is gold in Nigeria, as a majority of graduates don’t get jobs. Therefore, it is important to pick a course that would pay well when you finally get a .

Please note that your salary strictly depends on the institution you work in, as a driver in an oil company can be paid more than a director in a private company. So to arrive at an accurate prediction, we use the Government scale.

If you are just hearing for the first time, there is something called the health salary scale which is better than the conventional salary scale of other Government workers. 

Medical Biochemistry gives you a better stand to get a job that would place you in the health scale.

Course info – Medical Biochemistry and Biochemistry in Nigeria

Both Medical Biochemistry and Biochemistry both require four years in all Universities across Nigeria and basically deal with the same syllabus except for the fact that Medical Biochemistry students are exposed to Medical related than Biochemistry students.


So you now know all the facts regarding Medical Biochemistry and Biochemistry. As a final word I would say you go with that which is closer to your passion. If you are scared of blood, you should consider going for Biochemistry, as Medical Biochemistry is close to Medical Laboratory science where you deal with blood often.

Good luck as you make your choice.

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