Max Kantelia: Zilliga Co-Founder’s Biography.

Who is Max Kantelia?

Max Kantelia is an electronic engineer with a degree in Engineering Science and was part of the London Business School Enterprise 100.

He is a mentor for the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, which assists fast-growing Fintech firms with their international expansion plans.

Max Kantelia is a co-founder of Zilliqa, a blockchain made for secure, scalable applications in a range including finance, industries, digital advertising, and gaming.

Zilliqa is a public blockchain and crypto currency platform with a high throughput that completed a TGE (Token Generation Event) in January 2018 and reached a market capitalization of $1 billion in May 2018.

Max is a serial contractor with over 25 years of experience setting up technology products and services companies in Europe, the United States and Asia for the financial services business. EY designated him one of the top 100 contributing companies in Asia, FinTech, in 2016.

Max has been a co-founder/CEO of Anquan Capital and a co-founder of Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd since 2010.

Anquan is a deep technology firm that creates scalable private blockchains for global marketplaces and a hardware-based data vault product suite like ANKR.

ANKR is a private, permissioned blockchain startup that is developing revolutionary new financial and supply chain applications.

As a private family investor, Max is currently focused on working with the Zilliqa ecosystem to create and grow a metaverse for the rapidly growing NFT space, that is focused on creating digital products for luxury brands and enterprise clients who are seeking to develop new channels for hybrid digital and physical products; he is passionate about the use of blockchain technology as a weapon against illicit trade in the luxury goods marketplace.

Max is an avid collector and enjoys fine wine, jazz, and all things automotive. He looks to incorporate his vast experience of the blockchain technology into the wine industry to eradicate wine fraud and promote authenticity as well as reducing illicit trades.

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