List Of Lucrative Medical Courses To Study In Nigeria

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In Nigeria today, studying a Medical course is considered as a big deal for all life science students. People go extra miles just to make sure that they are able to secure admission into a Medical course probably because of the high pay and security.

List Of Lucrative Medical Courses To Study In Nigeria
List Of Lucrative Medical To Study In Nigeria 

However, not all Medical are born equal. Exactly, you can be a Medical students and still not get employed or even get underemployed. So what I am going to do today is that, I am going to rank the top 10 Medical in Nigeria in their order of demand and value.

So you will want to pick a course with a lower number if you have the chance.

You must also know that Medical courses in Nigeria are extremely competitive as thousands of students seek admission every single year. So there are two basic ways of getting them, it is either you have what is called “connection” or you perform extremely well in the examinations.

Gaining Admission to Study a Medical Course in Nigeria

The to study a medical course is quite simple, all you need is a minimum of 5 credits in SSCE with the right subject combination.

After that, you can decide to go through the JAMB process or otherwise partake in the JUPEB program that will grant you admission into 200L with the help of direct entry.

So let us get into the business of today, What are the Top 10 Medical Courses to study in Nigeria.

The top 10 best Medical courses to study in Nigeria are

  • and Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing Science
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiography and Radiation Science
  • Medical
  • Physiology
  • Community Heath
  • Anatomy

A Brief Note on the Top 5 Medical Courses to Study in Nigeria

1. Medicine and Surgery

There is absolutely no doubt that Medicine and Surgery is the foremost and most wanted Medical course in Nigeria and other part of the world. It has to do with the studying of human health as well as the treatment procedures and mechanism involved.

As the name go, this course is separated into two parts which are :

  • Medicine : involves the treatment of diseases with the use of drugs and therapies.
  • Surgery : involves the treatment of diseases with the use of Surgical operations.

Both set of students are being taught together until their 400L, where they will be told to make a choice.

Degree Specification & Award

After fulfilling the necessary requirements to study Medicine in Nigeria, you will be meant to study for an minimum of 7 years and maximum of 10 years.

After completing the program, Students are awarded with a MB.BS degree which means Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. With that certificate, they will be able to practice as medical doctors in any health institution within the borders of Nigeria.


Typically, A Medical Doctor can work anywhere human health is a priority ranging from hospitals, local healthcare, companies or organisations as well as other private or public institution.

Also, the salary of a Medical Doctor is very attractive in Nigeria as they earn an average of #120,000 to #250,000 per month.

The unemployment is also considered as the lowest in Nigeria today, so if you successfully become a doctor, there is a high probability that you will get employed.

2. Dentistry

Dentistry has a very close correlation with medicine and surgery only that dentistry as the name implies is specialized on dental health (the tooth and oral regions).

Mostly people opt in for medicine but due to one reason or the other, they end up studying dentistry which is not that bad. Dentistry is also less competitive than medicine and has other advantages as well as disadvantages when compared to medicine and surgery.

Degree Specification & Award

After fulfilling the basic requirements to study dentistry which is also same as that of medicine and surgery, you will be required to engage in a 7 years study program where you will gain basic medical knowledge with the medicine students as well as dental skills and expertise.

After completing the program, you will be awarded with a BDS degree which means Bachelor of Dental Surgery. with that certification, you will be capable of practicing dental health within Nigeria.


A dentist can work in any healthcare providing service, however, due to the low demand of dental expertise (how often do you visit a dentist), they are restrained to major hospitals and healthcare facilities.

One other downside of studying dentistry according to our research where we compared dentistry to medicine, A medical doctor can easily open up an hospital compared to a dentist, because of the high cost of dental equipment as well as the extremely low demand for such expertise in Nigeria.

So a dentist will have to work for the Government in any government owned healthcare or probably such giant private healthcare. Dentist in Nigeria earn anywhere from #120,000 to #220,000 a month.

If you ask me, that is a standard salary in Nigeria today.

Also the rate of getting employed as a dentist in Nigeria is impressive although not as high as Medicine and Surgery.

3. Nursing Science (called Nursing)

After Medicine & Surgery, Nursing is the dream of every girl. Nursing is a highly lucrative course and Nurses often easily obtain visa to go practice abroad because of the high demand.

As at today, a lot of students who want to study Nursing are bent with the vision of relocating abroad. This is because of the extremely high pay nurses receive outside the borders of Nigeria.

There are also a lot of boys reading nursing in Nigeria, so do not think it is meant only for females.

A QUICK ADVISE : If you are a boy with a chance to study nursing, grab it.

Degree Specification & Award

After fulfilling the necessary requirements to study Nursing in Nigeria, you will then be admitted into the school of Nursing, which can be found in major .

The duration of studying Nursing in Nigeria is 5 years after which you become a BN.Sc holder which means Bachelor of Nursing Science.


Nursing is a very lucrative course in Nigeria as you can get a ton of employment in any sector of the economy. Think about it, you can virtually find nurses anywhere ranging from hospitals, schools, companies and even Non Governmental Organisations.

Also, there is a high probability of a Nurse getting employed if he or she leaves the borders of Nigeria and they are also highly paid at that.

So let us come back to Nigeria

Nurses in Nigeria earn anywhere from #40,000 to #80,000 a month for a start and their salary can go as high as #200,000 a month.

4. Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science is popularly called MLS by many and is one of the most lucrative Medical course in Nigeria.

A Medical Laboratory Scientist is trained to carry out various laboratory experiments ranging from pregnancy test to other pathological test. It is highly sort although they are not as highly paid as doctors or nurses.

It serve as a suitable second choice for those who could not meet up with the cut-off mark of medicine or nursing.

Let me also be quick to mention that if you are scared or needle and blood, run away from this course, because what you will be doing mostly is extracting blood from the blood vessels of patients.

Degree Specification & Award

After fulfilling the basic requirements to study Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria, you will then be considered for admission into the School of Basic Medical Studies under the department of Medical Laboratory Science.

To gain a degree in Medical Laboratory Science, you will need to study for a duration of 5 years of which some of the time will include practicals which are usually conducted in the University’s teaching hospital.

After completely the program, students will be awarded with a BMLS honors degree (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science), which will enable them practice as Medical Laboratory scientist across Nigeria as well as opening a private Medical Laboratory.


Medical Laboratory Science is a very lucrative course because it can easily be privatized and practiced even outside the hospital environment.

A Medical Laboratory Scientist can work in any establishment that require lab expertise in Medical aspect such as hospitals, research institutes, pharmacies and a lot more.

Typically a Medical Laboratory Scientist who chooses to work for the government can earn anywhere from #40,000 to #150,000 while those working for private institution simply get paid according to the value they provide.

Medical Laboratory Scientist can also choose to set up their own medical lab and sell their services.

5. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is that branch of Medical studies that deal with the study, arrangement and fixing of human bones. They are mostly found in the intensive care units as they help accident victims get to their right postures with the use of Operations as well as other therapies.

It is a professional course and expertise in such field is quite in demand.

Degree Specification & Award

After fulfilling the basic requirements to study physiotherapy in Nigeria, you will then be considered for admission into the School of Basic Medical Studies under the department of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a 5 year course in Nigeria and within the study time, students will be trained with the basic Physiotherapy skills.

At the end of the programme, successful students are given Bachelor in Physiotherapy (B.PT) honours degree and they are permitted to study in any healthcare across Nigeria as well as setting up their private firms.


Physiotherapy is a very versatile course in Nigeria as a physiotherapist can work in a :

  • Sport Medical unit
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Leprosrium
  • Industrial Health clinics
  • General hospitals
  • Orthopaedic hospitals
  • Private Physiotherapy practice
  • rehabilitation homes and a lot more

The average physiotherapist in Nigeria earn around #50,000 to #200,000 per month.

Although the rate of employment is not very high, if you graduate with a good grade, securing a good should not be difficult.

Further study

If you wish to find out more about these courses. these are some of the articles here on CourseAdviser that will give you a brighter view


If you wish to study any of the above Medical courses in Nigeria today, you will have to work very hard because they are extremely competitive and only qualified students get to study them.

Also going for a private or state University will also increase your chances of being admitted compared to a Federal University.

Good luck.

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