JUPEB Review: All You Need To Know

Few things could be more heartbreaking for a prospective undergraduate than not finding his or her name on the admission list.

And yes, it could be a very difficult task getting admitted into a Nigerian university through the JOINT ADMISSIONS AND MATRICULATION BOARD.

What if you were told there was a more easier way of getting admitted int0 would you take it?


The Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), is an advance level program intended for students aspiring to secure admission into any Nigerian university without UTME through Direct Entry (DE). The program runs for a duration of nine (9) calendar months and open to all interested applicants with various courses.

This program was created as an alternative to students who could not secure admission through the direct UTME process.

In this program, you will undergo a miniature 100 level training that will help you gain admission into any course of you choice with a head-start from 200 level.


The JUPEB program runs for a period of nine (9) months splitted into two semesters during which, students are engaged in intensive lecture from Monday to Friday every week at their respective JUPEB Affiliate Institution or Study Centre.

After which, they will be required to participate in two examinations at the end of each of the segments.

Who is JUPEB Suitable for?

JUPEB is open to all students who wish to get admitted into a Nigerian university. However, you will be required to have a minimum of 5 credits in any five subjects (English Language inclusive) in a Senior School Leaving Certificate Examination.

If you could not secure admission using JAMB UTME, you should consider JUPEB as an alternative as it saves you one year and enables you meet up with your peers.

How JUPEB Works

  • Before applying for the JUPEB program, you should be sure have a valid Senior School Leaving Certificate (either WAEC, NECO or GCE).
  • Applicants must pass five subjects at credit level at not more than two sittings in the SSCE/GCE organized by WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and should include the major subjects of study. 
JUPEB Programme: Everything you need to know - Alevelsadmissions
  • After that, you will be required to register for the JUPEB program of any University of your choice and you will be given a date for a screening examination also called Entrance Examination.
  • After successfully being admitted into the JUPEB program, there will be a series of classes (which include both theory and practical) for about four month after which you will take the first set of Examination.
  • After the inter-semester break, you will resume lectures in preparation for the second and final examination.
  • Both JUPEB examinations are paper based. However the entrance examination can be a computer based test (CBT) depending on the institution.
  • If you obtain you good score after the program, you will be given a JUPEB certificate which is only valid within Nigeria.
  • Having this certificate, you can now apply for Direct Entry with the help of your JUPEB certificate and then hopefully, you may be given admission.

Facts About JUPEB You Should Know

  • The JUPEB result does not have an expiration date as it can be used anytime and in most University within Nigeria.
  • Gaining admission with the help of JUPEB does not require JAMB UTME in any way as JUPEB is meant to be a plan B for those who could not get admitted via JAMB UTME.
  • You can gain admission into any course of your choice using the JUPEB program ranging from Medicine, Engineering, Law, Nursing etc.
  • JUPEB certificates are limited to Nigerian universities alone and would not be recognized outside the shores of the country.
  • The option of Awaiting Results for WAEC and NECO is also available for all JUPEB students.
  • JUPEB fees are quite high compared to 100 Level fees.
  • Finally, JUPEB is highly competitive.

How Credible is JUPEB

It is no news a lot of people are very skeptical about the JUPEB program, doubting its veracity and acceptiability in the country.

However, it will interest you to know that the JUPEB program is approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria and is meant to aid direct entry into 200 level and it is a credible just as JAMB or WAEC.

Shocking Truth about JUPEB

Nevertheless, inasmuch as the JUPEB program is legit, the only that can be seen is in their decision to make the entrance examination very easy, but it could be argued that it is meant to generate revenue to fuel and finance the program.

With thousands of admission seekers applying for the program every year, it is only proper JUPEB increases the difficulty level of their entrance examinations to avoid overcrowding the universities and also making sure only the diligent ones get in.


Both JUPEB and IJMB are advanced programs for those seeking direct admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

However, JUPEB and IJMB does not refer to the same program as the JUPEB program is being moderated by the University of Lagos while the IJMB program, the Ahmadu Bello University.

Statistically though, JUPEB tends to be more student-friendly than IJMB although IJMB has been around for long before JUPEB was founded..

However, as a matter of fact, we hope you do not see the JUPEB program as a quick getaway from hard work, as just in recent history, more than 90% of the total JUPEB students scored less than average for their various courses (scoring 4/15).

However, if you believe that you are capable of scaling through the JUPEB program, you can go ahead and apply.

But so you are on a safe side, it is advisable you equally apply for JAMB UTME too.

If you still have further questions and clarity, please do well to leave a them via the comment section and we will be more than glad to answer them. Good luck.

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