JUPEB Review : All You Need To Know

is an acronym that stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board.

was created by Nigerian Universities to help students who could not secure admission through the direct UTME process to undergo a mini 100-Level training that can help them gain admission into any course of their choice with a start from 200-Level.

The program itself runs for a variable period of 10 months which is splitted into two halves with a break between them. Students are required to participate in two examinations at the end of each of the segments.

Therefore the entire summary of is as follow :

is a program conducted by to qualify students for direct entry into 200 Level of any course of their choice.

Who is Suitable for?

is open to any students who wish to get the certification. However, you will be required to have a minimum of 5 credits in any five subjects (English Language inclusive) in the Senior School Leaving Certificate Examination.

So if you could not secure admission with the use of JAMB, you can consider as an alternative as it saves you one year and enable you need up with your peers.

How Works [STEP BY STEP]

Before you think of participating in the JUPEB program, you should have a valid Senior School Leaving Certificate (either WAEC, NECO or GCE).

After that, you will be required to register for the JUPEB program of any University of your choice and you will be given a date for a screening examination also called entrance examination.

Do not worry, this first examination is usually very easy and there is a very high probability that you will pass it if you have being prepared for it.

After successfully being admitted into the JUPEB program, there will be a series of classes (which include both theory and practical) for about four month after which you will take the first set of Examination.

After the inter-semester break, you will resume lectures in preparation for the second and final examination.

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Both JUPEB examinations are paper based. however, the entrace examination can be a CBT depending on the institution.

If you obtain you good score after the program, you will be given a JUPEB certificate which is only valid within Nigeria.

But wait, that certificate does not guarantee you would get admitted into 200 Level, in fact, you will then be required to apply for Direct entry with the help of your JUPEB result and then hopefully, you may be given admission.

The JUPEB examination is scored over 15. So if you are going for a top notched course like , Law or Nursing, you should target getting up to 13/15 to increase the chances of you getting admitted.

Facts about JUPEB you should know

  • The JUPEB result does not have an expiration date as it can be used anytime and in most University within Nigeria.
  • Gaining admission with the help of JUPEB does not require JAMB in any way as JUPEB is meant to be a plan B for those who could not make use of JAMB.
  • You can gain admission into any course of your choice using JUPEB ranging from Medicine, Engineering, Law, Nursing e.t.c
  • JUPEB certificates are limited to Universities and would not be recognized outside the borders of Nigeria.
  • The option for awaiting results for WAEC and NECO is available for all JUPEB students.
  • JUPEB fees are quite high compared to 100 Level fees.
  • Finally, JUPEB is highly competitive.


I hear of lot of people claiming that JUPEB is a total . They say all sort of things about the program such as “lecturers established the program to get money and they do not give admission”.

So today, I am going to settle the issue

JUPEB is meant to aid direct entry into 200 Level and it is as as broad day light and in no way a Scam.

I am not being paid to make this statement but I will tell you the plain truth, if you are a students do not be deceived and if you are a parents hang on for the reality about the program.

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Shocking Truth about JUPEB

The only place where I blame the JUPEB body is their decision to make the entrance examination very easy, it is very clear that it is meant to generate revenue to fuel and finance the program. However, the JUPEB program itself is legit.

With hundred’s of students applying for the program every year, you do not expect the University to grant every student admission. That is why the University has to streamline the qualifying students through their vigorous examination process. If you perform excellently in the overall examination, the University will be left with no choice than to admit you.

I know of a lot of people in various faculties and departments that gained admission through the JUPEB program.

The reason why a lot of people claim that JUPEB only gives admission into useless is because the required score to gain admission into competitive are very high and due to misinformation, students do not prepare adequately for their examinations.

A Case Study

Just take for instance 1300 students who could not meet the requirements to study Law now packing into the JUPEB program, as at today, to get admission into Law from JUPEB, you will need to score at least 14/15. Now I ask you, what is the probability of students who could not trash JAMB and post-UTME scoring 14/15 in JUPEB. so you can see, the chances is very rare.

So the end result as the end of the day is that probably five would meet the required score and be admitted into Law 200 Level while others would either not be admitted or shifted to other courses,

In fact, the Universities are fair to consider giving them admission at all as they possess every right to send them home.

Be quick to note that JUPEB IS NOT BEANS, it is alone meant for strong students.

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Both JUPEB and IJMB are advanced programs for those seeking direct admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

However, JUPEB and IJMB does not refer to the same program as the JUPEB program is being headed by the University of Lagos while IJMB is being monitored by the Ahmadu Bello University.

In real terms, JUPEB tends to be more students friendly than IJMB but IJMB as being around far before JUPEB was founded.

If you have other questions, we have a detailed question and answer article on JUPEB, So you can check it out.


My final advice is that if you are a parent or student and you know that your ward is not academically sound, do not bother wasting your money on the JUPEB program. In fact, there was a year where more than 90% of the total JUPEB students scored less than average.

If you check the statistics of past JUPEB results, you will find out that the majority of students fail the examination woefully (imagine seeing students scoring 2/15).

So sit and wait for the next JAMB unless you got some influence.

However, if you beleive that you are capable of taking down the JUPEB examination, I advise you equally apply for JAMB to be on the safer side.

If you got any further questions, I will open the comment sections so that I can provide answers to them.

Good luck.

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