Every JUPEB Student Most Frequently Asked Questions

There’s this rush of anxiety that comes with being a JUPEB student. Too many questions to be answered, too many answers to confirm.

I know that feeling because I was once like you, a young Jupeb student seeking direct answers.

This article provides answers to every JUPEB student’s most frequently asked questions.

The answers to your questions are in the proceeding paragraphs. Could you keep reading to find them?

Every JUPEB Student 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Full Meaning of JUPEB

JUPEB stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board.

2. Do You Need JAMB for JUPEB

JUPEB does not require you to pass JAMB or even have a JAMB result.

It is, in fact, a way of securing admission into Nigerian universities without a JAMB result.

3. Does JUPEB Result Expire

According to top JUPEB Lecturers, A JUPEB result is forever valid and does not expire. If you do not make use of it immediately, you can always tender it in the future when necessary.

4. How Long is the JUPEB Program

The JUPEB program is a 9 to 10 months program broken into two semesters.

At the end of each semester, students will be required to take an examination which will be summed up to give the final result.

5. Can I Use JUPEB in Another University

You can use your JUPEB result at any University in Nigeria affiliated with JUPEB.

Universities affiliated with JUPEB are listed here.

6. Does UNILAG Accept JUPEB

UNILAg accepts JUPEB. They are part of the top parties that created the program

7. Does UNIBEN Accept JUPEB

Yes, UNIBEN accepts JUPEB and has a center for it within the school premises.

8. Can I Gain Admission with JUPEB and How Does it Work

You can gain admission using the JUPEB program, but it is not an automatic process.

9. How to Check your JUPEB Result

To check your JUPEB result, follow these steps :

  • On the form, input your examination number
  • Input your surname.
  • Click the Check result button to see your result

10. How much is JUPEB School Fees

According to the JUPEB Study Centre, The annual school fees for JUPEB students across Nigeria range from #255,000 to #290,000.

Other expenses may also be faced during the program depending on your study area.


JUPEB allows you to apply using awaiting results (for either WAEC or NECO) which means nothing is holding you back from applying and beginning your JUPEB journey.

Every JUPEB student most frequently asked questions have been adequately answered in this article. Remember to share and leave a comment in the comment box if you have any inquiries or suggestions.

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