Is Physiology A Good Lucrative Course In Nigeria : Answered

Is Physiology A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered

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Physiology in Nigeria is one of the best in Nigeria when it comes to the knowledge you acquire but when it comes to opportunities in Nigeria, the possibilities are very low and I will tell you why.

Physiology is a course under the school of basic medical studies and it is part of the three basic components of basic human health.


Is Physiology A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered

Physiology as a course has to do with the study of the function of the various parts of the human body. So basically, from experience, what you will be studying as a physiologist in any University in Nigeria include :

  • How the body works
  • Possible causes of defect and their signs and symptoms
  • The individual organs of the human body and their functions and behaviors under certain circumstances.


Well I think this post is going to be a really short one because the truth about physiology in Nigeria is that a vast majority of them are not employed while those that are employed are not working as physiologist.

Opportunities for Physiologist In Nigeria

The majority of physiology graduates that are working with their certificates in Nigeria are lecturers in one tertiary institution or the other.

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Under normal circumstances, physiologist are suppose to work in the hospital alongside medical doctors but due to the fact that they are being oppressed by the medical association of Nigeria, they hardly find any employment slot in Federal hospitals.

So basically, to obtain a easily with your physiology degree, you have to further your studies in a classified field such as :

  • Biomedical Science
  • Areas of Physiotherapy
  • Science literature

In fact, it is minimal.

Certainly not, most people in the department of physiology in Nigeria today are either regretting it or trying to transfer to other aspects of basic such as medical laboratory science and even physiotherapy.

However, I love the course because of the degree of human health knowledge acquired during the course of study.

In fact, I once wished to transfer from to physiology because a graduate of physiology has over 60% of the theoretical knowledge a doctor in Nigeria has. The only reason why they don’t get employed is because the medical doctors see them as extra competition and always want to dominate.

Gaining admission into physiology in Nigeria is relatively easy. All you need is to pass your JAMB and Post UTME examinations very well and have a valid senior school leaving certificate in the right subject combination which are :

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • And any other two trade subjects like marketing.

The salary of a physiologist in Nigeria varies depending on their place of work. while physiologist working in the academic sector may earn less than those working in the health sector.

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On the Average, a Physiologist can earn anywhere from #60,000 to #250,000 in Nigeria.

Is Physiology A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered


In Nigeria, it is highly impossible for a physiologist to privatize his or her skills because they are basic medical personnel. Although in other part of the world, they can become consultants and work practically well in hospitals and healthcare, In Nigeria, they are not yet equipped with such license.

In summary, we can say that the study of physiology in Nigeria is a very educative one but the chances of securing a with the physiology degree is quite low.


If you are interesting in knowing how the body works, physiology is the right course for you especially if you are like me that places no value on education when it comes to wealth.

However, if your plan is to go to school, graduates with good grades and get a , I will advise you to seek for other medical courses that are more lucrative than physiology.

Good luck.