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Medical Laboratory Science – a Good Professional Course in Nigeria or Not

Med Lab as popularly called in Nigeria is one of the best courses in Nigeria when it comes to the knowledge you acquire but when it comes to job opportunities in Nigeria, the possibilities are very low and I will tell you why.

In clinical laboratories, a medical laboratory scientist (MLS), clinical laboratory scientist (CLS), or medical technologist (MT) conducts diagnostic testing of blood and body fluids.

A medical laboratory scientist’s responsibilities begin with the receipt of patient or client specimens and end with the distribution of test results to physicians and other healthcare providers. The validity of test methods is critical to the utility of clinical diagnostic testing.

Medical Laboratory Technician Program – Oxford College

To this end, medical laboratory scientists conduct tasks such as ensuring specimen consistency, interpreting test results, data recording, monitoring control materials, instrument calibration, maintenance, validation, and troubleshooting, and statistical analyses to check the accuracy and repeatability of testing.

Medical laboratory scientists can also assist healthcare professionals with test selection and specimen processing, and they are in charge of delivering important lab results verbally as soon as possible.

Approximately 70% of medical decisions are focused on the findings of laboratory tests.

Job Opportunities for Medical Laboratory Scientist (Med Lab) In Nigeria

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The majority of med lab science graduates that are working with their certificates in Nigeria are lecturers in one tertiary institution or the other.

Under normal circumstances, MLS are suppose to work in the hospital or clinics running laboratory test but few actually do this. The other half set up private laboratories.

Jamb Subject Combination for Med Lab science In Nigeria

Gaining admission into medical laboratory science in Nigeria is relatively easy. All you need is to pass your JAMB and Post UTME examinations very well and have a valid senior school leaving certificate in the right subject combination which are:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • And any other two trade subjects like Marketing or Commerce

Salary Range for Physiologist in Nigeria

The salary of a Medical laboratory science in Nigeria varies depending on their place of work.

While Medical laboratory scientist working in the academic sector may earn less than those working in the health sector.

On the Average, a medical laboratory scientist can earn about 120, 000 naira a month in Nigeria.


Medical laboratory scientists advocate strengthening of laboratory services  in Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News — Features  — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

In Nigeria, it is highly possible for a MLS to privatize his or her skills as there are permitted to open medical laboratories where they run tests.

Although in other part of the world, they can become consultants and work practically well in hospitals and healthcare, In Nigeria, they are not yet equipped with such license.

In summary, we can say that the study of med lab sceince in Nigeria is a very educative one but the chances of securing a job with the MLS degree is quite low.

We hope this was helpful to you in making an informed decision. Good luck.

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