Is Etherflix Legit or Scam? [How to Earn]

Etherflix offers a great opportunity to make money off the internet by just completing simple tasks, but then, similar schemes have come up over the years and crashed.

It is only normal to be skeptical about Etherflix and want to know if it’s legit or not and how exactly to earn on this platform. 

Here is a complete review on Etherflix which will answer your questions and more.

What is Etherflix About?

Etherflix Review; Is Etherflix Legit or Scam? - The Tech Ninjas

Etherflix is a platform that promises that all your clicks on Etherflix will be paid for.

In addition, on upgrading to a new standard, you get 50 percent cashback from your upgrade fee.

Additionally, on an updated account, they promise users a 75% referral bonus. Quick cashout, regular withdrawals on upgraded accounts of all earnings, and no withdrawal charges.

Now, are you persuaded and eager to join? Please don’t say YES, there’s a lot to read and think about for you, and I’m going to reveal more on my YouTube channel.

How Does Etherflix Work?

Profile Etherflix joshua7 | Putyourbiz Online Nigeria

Etherflix is an online earning firm that pays its partners on a regular basis.

Etherflix is built to motivate many Nigerians and reduce the unemployment population by more than 20%, but I’m not going to encourage anybody to be persuaded by hearing this alone, that’s what everyone typically promises.

  • When you sign up, you will earn a €1,000 bonus.

  • You receive about 50 by clicking on links.

  • Commenting on videos < 30

  • The Daily Login bonus is 100 percent

  • You receive around 5 for your video reactions.

  • You receive 50 for the Daily FlixTrend Sharing

  • And receive 1,700 for welcoming your friends, family, and colleagues to our website as an Elite member.

  • Select and subscribe to their channel on YouTube and receive 100

  • N1,200 with every winner of the Etherflix Quiz instant Cash / Airtime.

  • Earn 500 for being the first one to post any of the trends in Etherflix 

How Does Referral From Etherflix Work?

Both Affiliate Partners are paid by Etherflix with the income they make.

They also pay their Flixcoin earners, also from Google Adsense and many more, from revenue created from various businesses putting their ads on their website.

How Do I Withdrawal From Etherflix?

5% cash bonus on all withdrawals

Withdrawal minimum (N3, 000). Cash kit of N50,000 for top earners

Etherflix Subscription

With a one-time payment of N2,500, sign up for ETHERFLIX and enter other users with a chance to get paid regularly.

When your account is successfully registered, you will be able to use your account to redeem your N1000 bonus.

Registration at Etherflix

Registration with Etherflix costs nothing at all. But it’s a must to have the data below handy:

  • Email Addresses

  • Name of Consumer

  • Telephone Number

  • Password

  • Code of Coupon

Is Etherflix Legit or Scam?

It would be really incorrect for me to judge a site that is not up to two months old as a scam or declare it legitimate.

This review of Etherflix, however, is not far from many other sites that I have checked.

With good features, they still look promising and crash at the end of the month, while some last for 3 months.

However, these are easier stuff to always look out for, especially when your money is involved.

They should help you understand more about running a background check firm below.

  • Check that the site has a web page for “contact us”

  • Prevent web services from using free e-mail providers

  • Check if the site displays details about its company (name, address, country)

  • Check whether the site has a web page for about us “or” business

  • Check if the VAT or Partita IVA number (EU only) is correct on the web.

  • Verify that the platform is registered to lift the confidence level

  • If it looks too good to be true, pay attention.

  • Don’t be fooled by deals that look too good to be real.

  • Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if the website has an active social presence


Hopefully, this article answers your question Is Etherflix Legit or Scam? [How to Earn].

However, should you have further questions related to this, feel free to ask via the comment section and we will be sure to respond.

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