Crowdyvest Review Legit or Scam: How Does it Work?

Saving for a rainy day will be the best decision you will ever make, and Crowdyvest is one of the numerous savings platforms that can help you with that.

Being a popular savings and investment platform used by Nigerians for a while now, Cowdyvest framework enables you to develop and control your finances. 

But then, why is Crowdyvest used by so many persons? What is it even really about and how does it work?

This article hopes to answer all such questions and more. Read on.

What is Crowdyvest?

Crowdyvest Review: How Crowdy Investment works - Bloginsense

CROWDYVEST is a savings and investment platform operating in Nigeria via its website and app.

The company behind Crowdyvest operates as a Cooperative Society, with the registered name; Crowdyvest Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited.

The company is based in Lagos Island, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Crowdyvest promises to help its members grow their money via a variety of financial tools and savings features.

Crowdyvest claims that on average, its members could make between 12.5% to 15% ROI per annum.

Crowdyvest is an impact-driven network linking its participants to various opportunities for sponsorship.

Is Crowdyvest Safe?

FinTech relaunches mobile app to promote saving, investment

Before investing your capital, it’s important to know if an investment platform is secure. Crowdyvest provides insurance cover for impact partners by vigilance.

It helps to cover all operations carried out with capital considered risky. All steps are put in place to mitigate risk and stop unexpected losses.

That may take place. So, you do not have to think about the money you are investing.
In Crowdyvest, because it’s driven by insurance.

Nevertheless, you should know they’re not investing directly in funds. 

The platform is also designed with high-grade encryption of security data and adheres to
The new Financial Security Standard.

Furthermore, they use the payment to PCIDSSS – a compliant processor to handle your payments.

This suggests, that all your transactions with them are secure.

How it Works for Crowdyvest

The website helps you to save and invest your money in various sectors. You can begin to save any number, as little as N100.

There is no border to the amounts that you can save. The minimum number, however, that you can use to start N20, 000.

Crowdyvest Savings

The saving platform is the financial strategy to set aside funds for an objective or in the event of an emergency.

For business resources, rent, education, holidays, and life goals, you can save for whatever purpose.

See the various ways of Crowdyvest savings below:

  • The Vaults

  • The Pace

  • The Flex

The vault plan makes it possible for you to lock in a set sum of cash for a number
For months.

And they’ll pay the interest upfront. You’re going to earn interest per annum up to 15 percent.

With the repeated deduction of your locked schedule, you can set and fulfill the goal starting from 3 months using the Pace schedule.

Whenever you choose, the Flex plan allows you to save and withdraw your money.

You just gotta save your money and watch it grow. The rate of interest is Per annum, 12.5 percent.

You’ll be credited in your pocket until your investments mature.


By funding numerous impact-driven initiatives, you can put your money to work.
In a large variety of markets.

All you need is to sign up, sponsor, and earn Returns back.

Sponsorship comes with two options:

  • Pooled

  • Project


Sponsorship enables opportunities for sponsorship of the Crowdyvest fund 
on your behalf, through different industries.

For a minimum amount of sponsorship, you can invest N20,000 and, depending on the sponsorship period, earn up to 20 percent ROI.


The funding of the project involves separate programs from various impact partners.
In various industries, such as agriculture, real estate, and health.

The return is set for project sponsorship. Depending on the period and market choices, you can receive up to 40 percent ROI.

How to Save and Sponsor On Crowdyvest

At Crowdyvest, you can start investing and sponsoring without tension. You just have to build a saving plan to begin saving:

  • Click on their website

  • Click save

  • Click “create a plan” on the homepage

  • Pick your plan and click on “create a plan”

  • Type in the number.

  • You can finance your account on the balance of your wallet or with your debit card.

To initiate investing in Crowdyvest, follow the step below.

How To Download and Use Crowdyvest

  • Download the Crowdyvest app from the Google Play Store for Android or IOS

  • Open the app, choose to register, complete the form and check your email address.

  • On the other hand, your Facebook or Google account helps you to sign up.

  • You can log in to your account and visit sponsorship on your dashboard once you’ve signed up.

  • Pick the plan (pool or project) you want.

  • Choose how much you want to sponsor, and how long. You will be able to pick between 4 and 24 months.

  • You can then move to the checkout process and select from the options for payment.

  • Your schedule will be revised once your transaction has been successful. And, to maturity, you’ll be able to track your behaviors.

  • At the maturity of your venture, they’ll credit your capital and ROI to your pocket.

Why Choose Crowdyvest?

Here are some of the reasons why you want to save your money and invest it in Crowdyvest. Strong Service for Customers.

The stuff you need to consider before investing in an online company is the support they offer their customers on the investment platform.

You can contact Crowdyvest via email at

Or via telephone at +23490999999830.

You can also chat with them via in-app chat, too. To chat with an agent, just click on the blue message icon.


Crwodyvest uses high-grade encryption to secure the user’s account

The data is stable. In order to allow two-factor authentication systems, they use
complete access from your account to all features.

FAQs on Crowdyvest

Here are answers to some of the questions most asked by people about the investment platform for Crowdyvest.

Is it Legit Crowdyvest?

Yes, Crowdyvest is a legal website. You can start investing in the platform with your money and earn a good ROI.

What Are The Dates For Free Withdrawal?

On the last day in February, April, you will withdraw without any costs.

By June, August, December, and October, a minimum of N1000 may be removed.

Asides from the free days, if you want to withdraw on all other days, they’re going to charge you 2 percent.

How Much do I Need to Begin to Sponsor?

N20,000, 000 is the minimum amount you need to start sponsoring on the website.
On any schedule.

And as far as you’d like, you can go.


If you’d like to invest your money and get the best returns possible, Crowdyvest is the best remains your best option. 

Hopefully, this Crowdyvest review was helpful.

However, should you have any questions related to this, dow well to ask via the comment section and we will be sure to respond.

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