Is Anatomy A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered

Is Anatomy A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered

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Are you currently faced with the opportunity to study anatomy in Nigeria or perhaps you just got admission to study Anatomy and you ask yourself, Is Anatomy a good course to study in Nigeria? Well, by the end of this post, I am very sure that you will have a solid answer to your question.

Around the year 2018, we found out that a lot of potential medical students where asking this simple question and there was no single content on the web that provided accurate answers to this question [ to study in Nigeria]. The best we at courseadviser could find where breezy opinions of students on Nairaland.

Is Anatomy A Good Course In Nigeria : Answered

Let me be frank if you, If you follow the opinions of students on Nairaland, you will surely go astray. That is the singular reason why this website was created, to serve you will reliable and accurate data that will guide you in choosing a course of study in Nigeria.

So first of all, let us start with the definition of anatomy,

Anatomy is a professional course that branch of basic medical studies that deals with the bones, tissues, organs and structure of the human body.

Often times, a lot of people tend to look down at the course and consider it inferior to all other basic medical but I do not really think that is true.

Anatomy is one of the oldest in Nigeria and serves as one of the three basic cores of medical studies in the world. It basically deals with the entire body in the aspect of positions, movement and fixing of bones, muscles, tissues as well as organs.

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So let us not go far from the main question today, is anatomy really a good choice when it comes to picking a medical course for study?

The answer to that question is very dicey and we have to had to take a lot of data and interview top people in the medical world. We even went further to gather an accurate list of how much anatomist are worth in Nigeria and we came to a conclusion.

Anatomy as a course of study is not fully lucrative in Nigeria but can fetch you a nice salary if you get a Government . Also considering the demand curve of Anatomists in Nigeria, they tend to get more employment slots than some other Medical .

According to Nigerianprice, the salary of anatomist in Nigeria when compared to their place of work is as follows :

Hospitals #60,000 – #80,000 #80,000 – #120,000
Veterinary clinics #50,000 – #100,000 #70,000 – #120,000
Pharmaceutical Companies #60,000 – #100,000 #60,000 – #150,000
Educational Institutions #60,000 – #150,000 #70,000 – #150,000
Anatomist Salaries in Nigeria based on their workplace

So now we are done with that, let us get into further details.

As you can see above, The highest payed set of Anatomist are those that work for pharmaceutical companies followed by those that work in the hospitals.

We took a lot of Statistics on the rate at which anatomist are being employed in the listed industries above and we were able to come to the conclusion that An average Anatomist with a B.Sc in Nigeria earn around #60,000 to #80,000 a month.

Is Anatomy a Lucrative Course in Nigeria

Here at CourseAdviser, we like to judge how lucrative a course is by these three factors :

  • The ease of gaining admission
  • Average salary of B.Sc holders
  • How easy and possible it is to privatize your Knowledge
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So let us start examining

Gaining admission to study Anatomy in Nigeria is very easy as the cut-off mark is usually very low. For the last batch of students that planned to study Anatomy in the University of Benin, the cut-off mark was 52.


All you need to study anatomy in Nigeria is a credit in the following :

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • And any other two trade subjects like marketing.

Also, Anatomy is a very easy course to study in Nigeria even without much reading and night classes as they graduate over 75% of the students admitted into the course.

According to our previous analysis above, an Average Anatomist in Nigeria earns around #60,000 to #80,000 per month.

If you match this to the foreign exchange rate which tends to be on the increase, you will find out that it is not a good salary, as responsibilities increase, you will certainly be forced to look for other sources of income.

However, if you can get a outside the borders of Nigeria, you can be paid up to ten times that figure above.


It is extremely not possible when it comes to anatomy because it is a supplementary course that cannot stand alone.

Therefore, an anatomist cannot start a business of his / her own as they are required to work hand in hand with other branches of Medical studies in institutions to produce the required result.

For instance, a Medical Laboratory Scientist does not need any other branch of Medical science to conduct medical test, but the same does not apply to anatomist.

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An anatomist in Nigeria can currently be employed as the following :

  • A Veterinarian
  • A Medical Scientist
  • An Epidemiologist
  • A Chiropractor : this consist of treating diseases related to bones, muscles and ligaments.
  • Massage Therapist
  • Athletic Trainer : there are a lot of them in the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

So after those analysis, we can say that :

Anatomy is a great course to study in Nigeria and very lucrative if you plan on working for the Government, This is because they can hardly get privatized and as such live on payrolls month after money.



If you were offered admission by a University to study anatomy, do not look down on it because the condition is actually same from most other in Nigeria today.

As you well know, education has lost its value in Nigeria and corruption is the order of the day. So accept the Anatomy admission, and if you feel like changing to another course you can take JAMB again.

Anatomy is not a waste and in no way the least of all Medical courses. Although people in Nigeria call them mortuary attendants, it is barely out of Ignorance and to prove it, we went round most of the major mortuaries in Nigeria to find the statistics of Anatomist who have being employed as attendants.

The result was mind blowing, we only saw one in over 30 mortuaries across Edo State, according to him, he did not finish his degree due to undisclosed reasons.

So get ahead of what people are saying.

In all Anatomy is just like any other major course in Nigeria such as Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry, Science Lab Technology, Microbiology, and the rest.