How To Use Dark Mode Settings On iPhone iOS 13

How To Use Dark Mode Settings On iPhone 13

There are several reasons you should be using the latest Dark Mode in 13. It is one of the most debated updates in the new version of the mobile operating system used by Apple. 
It is, in essence, a skin that you can add to your entire smartphone, which will move most application foundations from white to dark or if nothing else is dim. 
More specifically, this mode effectively rearranges the usual white base and dark content to add a darker foundation and light content in your phone in applications and menus.
How To Use Dark Mode Settings On iPhone 13

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Here’s the means to activate dark mode in 13. 

Click on Settings select View & Brightness 
Then check the box below Dark under the Appearance line. 
Now you can use the Automatic toggle to automatically switch from sunset to sunrise between the dark and light themes. 
Note: You can also set a custom schedule according to your preferences. 
In addition, you can activate dark mode significantly from the control centre. Click the brightness knob in the control center to do this immovably and the Light and Dark switch will appear in the left corner of the frame. 
In the end, you can even add a dedicated button in Control Center to switch on and off Dark Mode. Nonetheless

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How To Use Dark Mode Settings On iPhone 13

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