How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)

How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)

How to Fix Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)

Is Facebook blocking your website URL when you try to share it in posts or Messenger?
You don’t want to miss out on the potential for you (and others) to share your site on Facebook because it’s key source of traffic.
There are number of reasons why your website may be prohibited, but you do have choices for getting Facebook to unblock it.
In order to assist you, we’ll go through the following topics in this post: 
How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)

How to Fix Website Blocked by Facebook, How do I Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook


Why does Facebook block certain websites?

A lot of information is posted on Facebook. This includes cat pictures as well as links to malicious malware that can take over a user’s computer.

To protect people from scenarios like the one described above, Facebook will prohibit particular website URLs from being shared in Facebook posts, groups, Messenger, and other places.

Now, chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re not planning on doing anything bad (if you are, this article isn’t for you).

There are a few reasons why you might have become caught in Facebook’s web, even if you weren’t attempting to do anything illegal.

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  1. A Community Standards violation

First and foremost, if you violate Facebook’s Community Standards, your website URL will be blocked from being shared.



If your site contains anything concerning purchasing, selling, or trading, for example, your site may be restricted due to the Community Standards…
      • Firearms
      • Marijuana
      • Non- drugs
      • Alcohol and tobacco
      • Endangered species
      • Live animals
      • Human blood
      • Diet products
For legal businesses (such as guns store), Facebook will allow some of these topics, but only to users aged 21 and up.



Other themes covered by the Community Standards include:
      • Violence and incitement
      • Hate speech
      • Fraud
      • Nudity
      • Spam
      • False
      • Etc.
If you haven’t done so already, go over the Community Standards to see if any of them apply to your website.
  1. Facebook algorithms

Because Facebook is unable to physically vet every single post, it depends heavily on algorithms to restrict website URLs.


For example, to prevent people from spamming their websites, there is an anti-spam algorithm. 
If you publish your website URL too many times in short period of time, the Facebook anti-spam algorithm may be triggered, and your site may be blacklisted.
Or you may have simply been blocked due to no fault of your own.

Facebook’s algorithms aren’t perfect, and you might get lucky every now and then. 
Perhaps your website is identical to one of the websites that has been prohibited.
  1. Malicious reporting

Facebook is battleground where every website is vying for the attention of Facebook users.


Rather than competing by providing more fascinating content, some people have chosen to eliminate the competition by reporting URLs maliciously.


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If large number of people utilize Facebook’s reporting system to report your site, it may be blocked.

How to check if Facebook really blocked your website

You can use the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool to see if your website has been restricted by Facebook.



All you have to do is type in the URL of your site and hit the Debug button. 
If Facebook has restricted your website, you should get notification like this (or something similar):

The material on this website does not satisfy our Community Standards, thus we are unable to  it. 
Please let us know if you believe something is incorrect.
How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)

How to fix a website blocked by Facebook

If Facebook has blocked your website, here’s how to fix it so that you and others can share your content again.
  1. Make sure you’re not violating any Community Standards


Before you do anything further, double-check that your website complies with Facebook’s Community Standards.
You won’t be able to unblock your website if it is really breaking any criteria.
Examine the Facebook Community Standards in depth and consider whether or not any of them apply to your site. 
  1. Submit your website to Facebook for reconsideration

You can submit your website for reconsideration once you’re certain it doesn’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards.


Return to the Facebook Sharing Debugger tool and enter your website once more. 
The similar message should appear, informing you that your website has been restricted.


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Click the Let Us Know link to submit your website for reconsideration:
How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)


This will send you to form where you may write brief comment explaining why your site should be unblocked:
 If your site has never broken the Community Standards, you can explain why here
You can also let them know if your site did break the Community Standards but you’ve since deleted the offending information.


How to Unblock Website Blocked by Facebook (Updated)


Hello, double-checked my website and am confident that it complies with the community standards. 
Please have another look at my website.
Facebook does not provide timeframe for when they will respond.
However, you should expect it to take anywhere from few weeks to month (and you may not receive response at all, in which case you can resubmit).
So, believe you can simply Unblock any website on Facebook using these methods.
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