How to See Pictures in Facebook Free Mode 2022

Connecting and chatting with friends over social media can be very exciting, particularly on Facebook.

Viewing recent pictures of friends and pages on your timeline, it is a surreal experience each time.

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But then, what happens when you run out of data and you cannot readily buy data at the moment. Going through on free-mode could be very tiring and boring.

Thankfully you don’t have to go through that ordeal for too long as there is a sure way you can see pictures on Facebook even while you are on free-mode.

Here are the requirements needed in order to see pictures in Facebook free mode


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  1. A Dual Sim Android phone

  2. Strong 3G/4G Network

  3. Either Airtel or 9mobile sim, 9mobile preferably

  4. Glo sim with little data, at least 1mb

How to see pictures in Facebook free mode

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  • Switch your data connection to Glo but if it is already in Glo, then you are good to go.

  • Login into your Facebook lite.

  • Play around on your Facebook for about a minute, make sure u view some pictures.

  • Minimize Facebook and head to your settings.

  • Switch the data connection to 9mobile or Airtel.

  • Ensure the 3G or 4G for the 9mobile or Airtel is turned on.

  • Head back to the minimized Facebook, you will notice that it is still connected like there was data.

  • Enjoy

NOTE: Do not turn off your data connection throughout the whole process.

There you go, using viewing pictures on Facebook while on free-mode. Leave us a feedback via the comment section and let us know your experience.

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