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How To Remove Facebook App Notification Shortcut Icons

Phone notifications light blinks all the time when there is a notification from Facebook and this can easily drain your phone battery.

Users can get bored and may likely ignore all notifications whenever their phone notification light blinks.

We have received messages from our users asking us to update them on how to remove Facebook app notification shortcut icons which is what this post is about.

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Notifications can be a nuisance at times. Especially when you have no need for them. Fortunately, you can remove and control your Facebook notifications.

This post will walk you through a new option called Shortcut Bar Settings. This can be used to delete, modify and personalize Facebook notifications settings.

Most people use Facebook for various reasons. And depending on your network of friends and interactions on the platform, you can end up having plenty activities which in translates to a massive influx of notifications

How to Remove Facebook App Notification Shortcut Icons

  • To remove a shortcut icon, you just have to press and hold the icon you want to remove > then click on Remove from shortcuts bar.

  • You’ll see a menu pop up letting you remove that tab entirely, or leave it but disable the red notification count overlays. That clears space in your navbar for a more peaceful experience.

  • You’ll also now find in the three-line More tab -> Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Shortcuts menu the ability to toggle any of the Marketplace, Groups, Events, and Pages tabs on or off.


Before the publishing of this post, many users find it very difficult to remove Facebook app notification.

Hopefully this post have explained to users how to remove Facebook app notification shortcut icons.

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