How To Remove Facebook App Notification Shortcut Icons

Are those Facebook Notification Shortcut Icons disturbing you? Now you can control and remove Facebook notification Shortcut Icons, all thanks to a new option called Shortcut Bar Settings.

Remove Facebook Notification Shortcut Icons

In this post we’ll show you how to remove facebook notification shortcut, but the shortcuts bar is located at the top of the app on . You can even choose to personalise the notification area of your Facebook app to your choice.

How To Remove Facebook Notification Shortcut Icons

  1. To remove a shortcut icon, you just have to press and hold the icon you want to remove > then click on Remove from shortcuts bar.
  2. You’ll see a menu pop up letting you remove that tab entirely, or leave it but disable the red notification count overlays. That clears space in your nav bar for a more peaceful experience.
  3. You’ll also now find in the three-line More tab -> Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> Shortcuts menu the ability to toggle any of the Marketplace, Groups, Events and Pages tabs on or off.

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