How To Hide Videos On Your Phone

How To Hide Videos On Your Phone

Now this is a funny topic, although, it is quite important to a lot of people. If you searched Google on how to hide videos on your phone then it most likely means that you have some videos on your phone which you wouldn’t like to share with people who have access to your phone.

Whatever the reason is behind you looking for how to hide videos on your phone, you’ll surely find the answer you’re looking for in this post.

NOTE: This article is for educational purpose only. The writer is in no way responsible for whatever readers use the knowledge gained from the article for.

How To Hide Videos On Your Phone

There are so many methods or ways in which a video can be hidden on your phone. I was able to sort out 4 super secure and super safe ways to hide your videos.

  1. Using Calculator% .
  2. Change the video Format
  3. Moving the Video to Recycle Bin
  4. Hiding it on your DCIM Directories.

Using Calculator%

This has been one of time most used techniques to hide videos on your phone because it will remain safe and secured with only you having access to it.

Funny but true, most people refer to this as “Second Calculator”. Calculator% app is just like any other calculator app, just that it has an extra feature. You can use it to hide videos and pictures which can only be access when a particular equation is calculated.


This has been used so many times to hide porn by kids so that others won’t know they have it on their phone.

Changing the Video Format

This is another great technique on how to hide videos on your phone. Changing a video’s format from its normal .mp4 or .3gp will prevent it from being displayed on any video player because its format is what tells the video player that “this is a video”.

So once the format of the video has been changed, the video won’t show up on video players like MX Player, etc.

Follow this step to change the format of a video:

  • and install Es File Explorer,
  • Launch the Es File Explorer and navigate to the video,
  • Click and hold on the video,
  • Click on ‘Rename’, you can now reedit the format of the video to what ever you wish.

For best results, just the format. That is, if the video was “My Private Life.mp4”, change it to “My Private Life”.

Once you click ‘SAVE’, you’ll notice that the video won’t look like a video anymore but like an ordinary file. Now check any of your video player. The video won’t appear on any of them either.

You can still play the video though. Just use the Es File Explorer to click the video, it will ask you “Open As”. Click on Video and all video players you have installed on your phone will be displayed. Just click on one and the video will begin to play.

Moving The Video to Recycle Bin

This is just plain simple. If you have any on your phone that has the ‘Recycle Bin’ feature, then you can use it to hide videos on your phone.

For me, I also use the ES File Explorer to hide some videos or any private content I have on my phone.

All I need to do is to turn on the Recycle Bin option. Then I the video I want to hide on my phone. It will be instantly deleted and automatically saved at the Es File Explorer Recycle Bin.

I can easily recover the video at any point in time that I need it.

Hiding it on your DCIM Directories

This trick is quite simple and can help to answer the query, how to hide videos on your phone. Here is how you go about it.

  • On whichever file manager you’re using, locate the ‘Show Hidden File’ option and turn it on. 
  • Navigate to the DCIM Folder on your phone and enter it.
  • On the DCIM folder, Create a new folder and name it ‘.hidden’
  • Now move the video and any content which you wish to hide to that .hidden folder
  • After that, turn the ‘Show Hidden File’ option off.

Both the newly created folder and the files in it will become invisible. Only visible when the ‘Show Hidden File’ is turned on.

These are the most secure ways of hiding videos on your phone. If you know any other neat trick on how to hide videos on your phone, kindly lay it out on the comments section.

Thanks For Reading.

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