How To Download Videos From YouTube

How To Download Videos From YouTube

What you shall be learning right now is how to videos from YouTube to your phones, computer or wherever you would like to them to.

YouTube videos has been a part of many people’s lives. A lot of people can’t go a day without streaming at least two videos from YouTube. Research has shown that there are over 28million visits to YouTube daily. Various categories of videos are being updated on YouTube ranging from full movies to short comedy clips. It sure is an exciting environment to be in. Too bad YouTube doesn’t have a button where you could just hit “” and the video will be downloaded straight to your hard drive or wherever you would like to download it to.

Although YouTube allows its users to save videos on the YouTube so that they can be accessed even without an internet connection. They are being saved for offline viewing. But that isn’t what we’ll be looking at right now. What you want to know is how to videos from YouTube directly to your phone/computer and that is what you shall be learn.

How To Videos From YouTube

To videos from YouTube, you’ll need help from another site; a video download site. The name of this video download site is

How To YouTube Videos Through

There are two methods you could use to YouTube videos for on One method seems to be more easier than the other but for the sake of your best understanding, I’ll showing you both methods for you to choose for yourself which is more easier for you to use.

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  1. Copy the link to the YouTube video you would like to download,
  2. Go to,
  3. Paste the download link at the required area then hit ‘Go’,
  4. Different formats from which you could download the video will be displayed,
  5. Select the desired format you would like the video to be downloaded in then watch it start to download.


If you’re using a browser like opera mini to access YouTube, just follow this step:


  1. Click on the video you’d like to download,
  2. Click on the URL to that video,
  3. Replace the “.m” in the link with “ss” then hit “Go”,
  4. Continue with the step (4) of Method 1.

Its just that simple. The YouTube video will be download straight into your phone just like any other video is been downloaded.

I hope with this my little article you’ve understood how to download videos from YouTube.

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