How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud

How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud

How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud. Data, apps or other data backup on , unlike iPhones, is relatively easy, and only iCloud or iTunes will require backup for your iPhone data.

However, if you want to make a rapid backup or restoration, iCloud or iTunes may not be constantly present. I will introduce you other options other than iCloud or iTunes for backup of iPhone data. Read on, please.

How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud


During the synchronization, iTunes not only syncs information and media management, but also generates or refreshes a backup iPhone. The main role of the backup is to let you restore your iPhone’s personal information and settings (during which the content on the iPhone is typically erased). It is also a good technique of transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one.

Here is a quick of what the iPhone Backup saves exactly:

Various settings, including mail and calendar settings for the settings (but not the actual Mail messages and Calendar events).
Bluetooth paired equipment.
Safari AutoFill data and bookmarks.
Messages for SMS and MMS, item Notes, voice me

Messages for SMS and MMS, Notes, voice memo, and camera roll photographs and video. The only exception is that videos over 2 GB are not supported.
Preferences and data for applications from other third parties (for example, top scores for games), but not apps themselves.

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Mail and Wi-Fi passwords (from the Keychain iPhone file). These passwords are restored to the same iPhone alone. You need to re-enter those passwords on the new device if you update to a new device, for example. Also your Voicmail password might have to be reset.
No images synchronized with iTunes or any iPod music or video are saved by a backup. See this for a full of things which are done and not backed up.

How to Backup iPhone Data without iTunes or iCloud


This is an alternative to iTunes, where you may transfer files to your PC or Mac from your iPhone. You just have to connect the iDevice to your computer and manage your stuff. However, you still need iTunes.


This is an application that is designed to back-up your data and save them in the cloud for , and other platforms. You can visit the developer’s website for access to this backup. Phonecopy synchronizes your data for quick and easy backups after the first backup. It also retains a history of your past backups so that anything you could unintentionally remove can simply be recovered.


This means that iPhone without iTunes cannot be backed up that does not need to work in the cloud network. It’s a way to simply backup and access your files without an internet connection. To use CopyTrans the software suite and connect your iPhone as always from the creators’ site. Next, select your data from the menu that results and click on the backup button from the type you wish to back up within the CopyTrans Control Center and your system.


This is an alternative technique to back up iPhone that requires no Internet connection without iTunes. This times, this software will retrieve notes, messages, contacts, audio notifications and other information, which could be unintentionally erased, directly with your iTunes back-up. The can restore more than 15 file kinds from older smartphones such as iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

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It’s a tool that saves your cloud contacts automatically. You only need to visit the developer’s website if you wish to retrieve your contacts. In addition, if you misplace your phone or can’t recall when you last saw your phone, the helps you locate it. If you need it, lookouts can ring your phone and it has a feature that wipes crucial information away from your phone. On iCloud too, all of this can be found. But Lookout also offers basic malware security.


That is everything. That’s everything. I hope that this information has been useful to you. Comment and share, please below.

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