Download Latest GB Instagram Apk v1.70 For Android

With daily advances in technology, Instagram is getting better, download latest GB Instagram Apk v1.70 for Android and enjoy even more features.

GB Instagram is a molded version of the famous Instagram messaging app that enables users to run Instagram multiple over their smartphones.

The new GB Instagram 1.70 version allows you to enjoy two Instagram accounts on your smartphone at once, without logging out of any of the accounts. 

The App comes with lots of amazing features not even available on the regular version of Instagram.


Users can download videos and images from the Stories using GB Instagram Version 1.70. It also comes with a feature that lets you change the theme on the notification screen.

The new version comes with lots of bug fixes and improved performance.


Features of GB Instagram APK v1.70 For Android

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1. App Customization: How good it will be if you correctly customize your Instagram. Well, you can do your customization with the aid of GB Instagram, and get rid of the boring look.

2. Comments Copy: Often, by looking at your friend’s comments, you may believe the comment is amazing.

In this case, GB Instagram gives you the option to copy and use their comments later.


3. Play audio with video automatically: the most annoying thing about Insta is when you click on a video to play the video in the mute mode you need to press again to get the sound, but you don’t have to think about it with GB Instagram, because it will play sound videos any time you play a video.

4. Just like using GB WhatsApp with the usual WhatsApp, you can also use GB Instagram in combination with Instagram.

Since that will have a different name for the kit.


5. Themes: So you’re a freak huh design. Well if you’re really popular then you’re sick of the Official.

And you need something that lets you customize the software.

GB mods themes allow you to customize your Instagram and make it the way you want it.

You’ll be given a lot of themes to choose from and play with.

6. Comment Translation: So you’re a cool person, and on Instagram, you’re also a famous person.

You have a follow-up worldwide, ensuring you get a lot of comments outside of your educated language.

So what you’re going to do now, well you’re stuck to translating those comments all of the time.

With Gb Instagram, you get an inbuilt translator that helps you to translate those comments in a couple of seconds.


7. Zoom Profile Pictures: So you’re scrolling through your Insta and you’re seeing something odd in a profile picture and you’re curious to see what’s in it.

But since you know the Official Instagram version doesn’t let you do that, download the Instagram GB and now you have to go to the Instagram account and open it and click on the profile picture and you can do it now.

8. No Needed Root Access: You don’t need root access to use the device with GB Instagram. Only download the app and you’re very good to go.


9. Updates: GB Instagram comes with daily updates to keep you up-to-date. Not only does it also get some new features on this one when you get an upgrade.

10. Notification Count: GB Instagram also comes with a notification count feature to help you get an idea of how many notifications you have pending.


Download Latest GB Instagram Apk v1.70 For Android

The latest Android GB Instagram V1.60 Apk for free can be downloaded from HERE

GB Instagram V1.60 Apk Application Info

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  • App Name: GBInsta

  • Last Updated: December 08, 2018

  • Android Version: Requires 4.0+

  • App Size: 40.1 MB

  • Developer: Atnfas Hoak


Download Latest GB Instagram Apk v1.70 For Android and enjoy the very features with unlimited access. 

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