Fortron Smart Contract Review: Legit or Scam – How it Works

Cryptocurrency is a niche filled with many money-making schemes. And while some of these are legit, it’s only logical to know that there are also scams out there.

Fortron is an MLM company that you can join by investing in the TRX coin and making money by building a team by referring people through your affiliate link. With this post, we’ll be looking at the legitimacy of Fortron.

What is Fortron?

Fortron is a multi-level marketing company that offers users returns on their TRX coin investment. In addition, it is a fully decentralized model, thus providing a great deal of technology-backed credibility.

The entire Fortron smart contract can be found on Tron scan, which is totally public and auditable. This means that it is virtually managed by all members on the platform; no admins are needed.

How Does Fortron Work?

To join the Fortron network, you can either sign up directly on the website or register using a referral invite link.

Then you’ll need to purchase 2 Fortron plans worth 100TRX (at 50 TRX each) simultaneously. This purchase can be made by installing and funding a Tron supported wallet, preferably Trust wallet for mobile devices and TronLink for computers.

The successful purchase of the plans will immediately give you the rights of membership into the Fortran Matrix plan.

Fortron has two distinct matrix plans that come with 12 different levels. The plans are;

  • FTR3 (for 50 TRX and requires 3 direct referrals to close and reopen slot)
  • FTR4 (for 50 TRX requires 6 referrals to close and reopen slot)

The table below shows a breakdown of the plans and the price tag attached to each level.

How to Earn on Fortron?

The earning structure on the Fortron Platform is solely based on referrals. Here are the top ways to earn on Fortron:

  1. Referrals
  2. Reinvestment
  3. Undertaking
  4. Spillover

Is Fortron Legit?

Based on what we have explained above, it’s unclear whether to determine the legitimacy of the Fortron platform. However, it has the same ideas as a Ponzi scheme.

Fortron is owned by the same individuals that own Forsage: a smart contract pyramid scheme.


And that’s a wrap. What we have shared with you is an unbiased review of the Fortron platform. So do well to do your research before you invest on the platform.

We will love to hear from you in the comment section below if you have questions or suggestions.

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