How to Enable On-screen Navigation Keys on Android Device Without Root

On-screen Navigation keys are popular amongst numerous android users, because its convenience.

It is more easier to carry out most functions on the android seamlessly with the navigation keys being on.

Having an advantage over hardware keys as there rarely stop working and other system functions maybe assigned to them too.

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On-screen Navigation Keys are a built-in Android function however, some manufacturers have blocked this on their phones and it can only be available users only when they root their devices.

If you do not have soft-keys on your phone, here are ways to enable on-screen navigation on your phone without exactly rooting it.

How to Enable On-screen Navigation Keys on Android Device Without Rooting

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Thanks to so many Google Play Store applications on Android smartphones, to enable On-Screen Navigation Keys to your device, you need not root your Android phone. You only need

  • Virtual SoftKeys and the application to be downloaded on your Android phone.

  • Select settings, then Accessibility and allow Virtual Softkeys to get the rights needed.

The keys are useful, particularly if your physical buttons are defective. You can operate your phone without worrying about hardware problems with On-screen buttons.

It is also unique and distinguishes your phone. Think about adding these buttons to your Samsung Galaxy or Infinix Hot Note Android phone, making your phone seem different.

You may now change the style and feel of your on-screen buttons and set them to stay or disappear once there are not in use. You need to drag the buttons from the base of your display if this is configured to a time-based display.

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