is Elevacity Review – Scam or Legit – How It Works

is Elevacity or – How It Works – Elevacity login and registration

Elevacity Review – Scam or Legit - How It Works

What Is Elevacity 

Elevacity is an MLM health and wellness business that seems to be born shortly after a person left a different MLM business in management.

Reviews for Elevacity

Elavacity is a business that improves prosperity and satisfaction, and your wellbeing, according to the company website.
They also have preparation for virtual success and provide proprietary dietary items combined with a program of rewards.
In some papers I have come across there has been contradictory details about what Elevacity is, so we are going to straighten it out here.
There are several MLM health and wellness businesses that have been founded over the years, and each has a distinction in its own way.
This will show you how different Elevacity is and show some correlations, as well.

Monthly Incentive for Profits

Let’s take a look at the data from the organization and who is behind Elevacity.
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Company Details for Elevacity

The CEO and founder of Elevacity is Robert Oblon.
The corporate office of the company is located at 1700 Coit Rd., Suite 100, Plano, TX 75075.
You can either email support @ or contact them via live chat on their “contact us” page on their business website to get in touch with the company.
The business was founded in 2014 and he was the president of the World Ventures MLM company until Oblon launched Elavacity, where he had a 5 percent ownership interest.
World Ventured attempted to prosecute Oblon in 2011, but it did not adhere to another MLM application called Travopoly.
There are several publications saying that Elevacity provides Travopoly and Four Oceans, which is a travel discount club, but I couldn’t find any information on the company website about this.
They took it off for some reason if they had it there at one point.
Having said that, let’s switch to the next part of my study, which covers the products provided by Elavacity.

Elevacity Product

As described at the beginning of my review, Elevacity offers products for health and wellness.
Products Analysis of Elevacity
They have both retail and affiliate memberships with the items.
I’ve seen some publications listing travel portals such as discount clubs and so on but I don’t see any mention of Elevacity’s travel feature unless it’s not marketed as an unmentioned bonus in the back office, don’t I know?
What’s listed on the “about us” page is this… “Every product or service…” so maybe they even offer discounts for travel?
Either way, health and wellbeing are the goods that are promoted on the company website itself, so we will stick to that.
In the nutritious beverage group, the Elevacity Brand consists of core products, supplements such as Xanthomax and special skin care such as Timeless.
Here is a rundown of the items provided by Elevacity.


The product XanthoMax is an antioxidant formula supplement intended to neutralize the body’s radicals and get rid of your metabolic waste.
It is claimed that this formula is a by-product of helping you to slim down more effectively, offering better digestion.
Reports show that after you get the results it delivers, this substance helps your body remain in good shape.


The product XanaSkin is their skin cream that offers therapeutic advantages.
As one of the main ingredients, XanaSkin has xanthohumol
Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that allows radicals to be neutralized in the body.
It’s said that the body cures itself by relieving the body of radicals so that you get more elastic skin, better sleep, and a healthier body in general.


A product that focuses on skin care is the Timeless product. It is an all-natural product that is formulated with anti-aging properties to tighten your skin.
Better elasticity and overall healthy looking and wrinkle skin are the outcomes that are claimed.
There are several people who suggest that it has been proved that this formulation works and operates as defined.

Pure Whole

A liquid-based substance used to detoxify the body with minerals is the Pure product.
Volcano ash, which is said to cleanse, reinforce and boost the body, is the main ingredient.
It is also believed that the formula is soft for the body.

Tub Elevate

The Elevate product, which comes in both Tub and Stick form by the way, is a coffee formula to provide energy and total body health.
The product is a Columbian dark-roast blend enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide health benefits such as better energy, clear thinking, and improved mood.
It is believed that these advantages remain during the day.
After some time the product is claimed to provide you with weight loss benefits.
The commodity is eaten with their preferred creamer as a normal coffee, or even in a cold brew.
The company claims that for the best results, you would need to take all the supplements they sell, which I think is just a marketing trick.


Not unexpectedly, some of the goods advertised on the Amazon marketplace were actually identified.
It could be a perfect way to just try the item without actually entering Elevacity.
Details on the benefits package will be discussed in the next part of my analysis.
Elevacity Review – Scam or Legit - How It Works

Elevacity Investment Plan Breakdown

The Elevacity offset is a hybrid.
There are 2 structures for MLM commissions that drive commissions, which are:
1. Binary
2. Unilevel 
The Compensation Package for Elevacity is fueled by size.
Both in personal volume and by volume of organization.
You will need to raise your personal volume to move up the ranks, which is simple, you just need to purchase more products, and I will break down the organizational volume here.

Qualifications And Rankings

Bronze- To qualify for Bronze, you will need 50 PV and 1,000 in OV.
Silver- In order to apply for Silver, you will need 50 PV and 5,000 OV.
Gold- In order to apply for gold, you will need 75 PV and 10,000 OV.
To qualify for Sapphire, you’ll need 75 PV and 20,000 OV.
Ruby- To apply for Ruby, you will need 100 PV and 40,000 OV.
Emerald- To apply for Emerald, you will need 100 PV and 80,000 OV.
Diamond: To qualify for Diamond, you will need 125 PV and 160,000 in OV.
Crown-To qualify for the Crown, you will need 150 PV and 350,000 OV.
Ambassador. To apply for Ambassador, you will need 200 PV and 700,000 in OV.

Residual Binary Income

With 2 legs, the binary compensation scheme arrangement works.
Only one left and one right leg.
You will first need to support 1 active individual on your left leg and one active on your right leg in order to apply for binary commissions.
To apply, you must have an active participant at all times on both legs and you can support more people on each leg to assist with any problems.
Trigger for Binary Payout
If you accumulate 100 commissionable volumes on your “weaker leg, you can trigger a commission on the weaker leg to trigger several 100 volume triggers.
Depending on which rank you are at, you will have a limit on earnings.
The commissions are based on a 100 volume percentage.
The first rank pays out 10% of the amount of 100, which is approximately $10.
100 volumes from both legs will be deducted each time a commission is caused by the 100 CV.
Here is the breakdown by rank of the binary commissions that you will earn:
Bronze: On your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 10 percent from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $2500 per week.
Silver, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 10 percent from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $4500 per week.
Gold, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 15 percent from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $6000 per week.
Sapphire, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 15% from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $15,000 a week.
Ruby, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 20% from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $30,000 a week.
Emerald, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 20% from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $35,000 per week.
Diamond, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 20% from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $45,000 per week.
Crown, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 20 percent from the 100 CV trigger, and you are capped out to earn $55000 per week.
Ambassador, on your weaker (pay) leg, you will earn 20 percent from the 100 CV trigger, and you are limited to earning $75,000 per week.
These commissions are paid out weekly.

Commissions at Unilevel

The way a Unilevel pay package works is as follows: 1st Level-Only on your first level will your individually referred members be. Level 2 – Members at this level are referred to by members of Level 1. Level 3 – Members at this level are referred to by members of Level 2. Uh, and so on… These commissions start with your individual referred team members from the 31st day and pay out 1 time per month. You can earn up to 9 levels of depth and earn the same percentage of commissions per level regardless of what rank you are at. The difference will be the amount of deep levels from which you would benefit. Here is a rundown of the levels you can win for the rank for which you apply.

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Bronze- Only from level 1 can you win 5%. Silver- From levels 1 and 2, you can gain 5 percent. Gold- From levels 1 to 3, you can gain 5 percent. Sapphire- From levels 1-4, you can gain 5 percent. Ruby- From levels 1 to 5, you can gain 5 percent. Emerald: From levels 1-6, you can gain 5%. Diamond- From levels 1 to 7, you can gain 5 percent. Crown- From levels 1 to 8, you can gain 5 percent. Ambassador, from all 9 ranks, you will benefit 5 percent. Elevacity Unlilevel Analysis of Compensation Package There are additional commissions that you can win, such as check match bonuses, that are discussed in more detail in the compensation plan video. Some concerns people might have about elevacity are answered in the next section of my study.

FAQ on Elevacity

This segment addresses the commonly asked questions when referring to this opportunity that people have asked about.

Is Elevacity Accredited by BBB?

No the Better Business Bureau is not accredited by Elevacity. They have them listed on the BBB website even though they are not accredited.

“The rating at which the BBB keeps them is a “F. This are due to any unfavorable consumer feedback, and/or former reps. How expensive is it to enter Elevacity? For an extra $25 a month charge to become an associate, $49.97 would be a one-time expense. Know that you would need to buy additional items to achieve personal volume in order to apply for any of the incentive package commissions, so that you can hit the higher ranks. Elevacity A Is It? Elevacity Is A Scam No, Elevacity does not show any signs of a fraud being a business or opportunity. They have retail items for sale to consumers and join the affiliate MLM network at a low cost. The red flags that I see here aren’t there.
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The Verdict-Elevacity

I have a certain rating system that I always go through when I do my reviews of the various companies and services that help people earn extra money through MLM or affiliate marketing.


This ranking system has been put together by officials of the government, not me. So when it comes to a valid MLM application, there are must-haves. And with Elevacity, what I see is that they have all the main components. If the chance at Elevacity seems to be something that concerns you, but you’re not sure about the product. Only check Amazon out and buy it with no strings attached from there. For a bit, try it out and see how it works for you. To get their view on it, try it out on some family members too. If it’s something you can be excited about, then maybe Elevacity is the perfect software from which you can earn extra cash. I hope you’ve enjoyed my analysis of Elevacity. Help others out to help others understand what this initiative is all about by clicking on the social sharing buttons on this page.


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