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Download YouTube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set-up

With daily advances in technology, Youtube is getting better, download Youtube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set up and enjoy even more features.

You will need a free YouTube downloader if you want to save a video in case it is taken offline or make a backup of your own videos for safekeeping.

These free tools will allow you to download and save YouTube videos in a format of your choice – and many other video sharing sites too.

Usually, you can opt to save the whole file, or only the audio, which is a perfect option for music videos and podcasts.

In other cases, YouTube downloaders can also be useful. You’ll find streaming videos can be a pain if you have a poor internet connection

However, you can schedule the videos you are interested in to download overnight with the right downloader and they are ready and waiting for you to enjoy them in the morning, stutter-free and buffer-free.

Features of YouTube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set-up

YouTube Video Downloader Script (Free) Download!
  • Easy Installation in 2 steps

  • Rapid design with Bootstrap3

  • 3 User forms (Admin, Moderator, and user general)Simple cron set up for the site, consumer, playlist, and search result auto grabbing Youtube videos.

  • Statistics on the Dashboard.

  • Create unlimited Subcategories and Categories.

  • Develop vacuum sources unlimited for youtube.

  • Easy & intelligent video-grabbing schedule.

  • Can grab a single Youtube video.

  • Can Manually and Automatically Import Videos (Cron job)

  • Build boundless widgets.

  • Change content on the homepage by drag-down.

  • Generator Widget.

  • Using Widgets to put unlimited ads.

  • Simple to handle user.

  • Build boundless pages.

  • Tools for the preservation of photographs and databases.

  • Fast front end and admin panel irreducible.

  • Supporting RTL.

  • Friendly SEO URL.

  • Shift logo from admin screen, site title, etc.

  • Integrated comment systems DISQUS and FACEBOOK.

  • Failure to load images.

  • Generator on the sitemap.

  • Open Graph to display Picture when sharing with social networks

  • And much more

How To Download YouTube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set-up

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You can get the YouTube Grabber Script with sitemap and API set-up from the following links below:

How To Install YouTube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set-up

YouTube Video Grabber | Download YouTube videos for free

  • Go to the site C-panel

  • Create a subdomain name ‘’

  • Now to File manager > Public HTML

  • Locate subdomain name

  • Upload & extract the script in the subdomain folder

  • And then visit www.


Download YouTube Grabber Script With Sitemap & API Key Set-up and enjoy the very features with unlimited access. 

Hopefully, this post was helpful, however, should you have questions related to this, feel free to ask via the comment section and we will be sure to respond.

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