Which is Better in Nigeria Dentistry or Medicine & Surgery

Ever been caught in a crossroad, between two equally good options and not knowing which to pick? This is the fate of so many prospective college students in Nigeria.

Over the years, there have been a rather healthy comparison between the two courses, Dentistry and Medicine & Surgery, breeding questions on which to actually study.

When it comes to the medical line of study in Nigeria, the two major courses with seemingly great similarities yet wide contrast are Medicine & Surgery and Dentistry.

In Nigeria, these two courses are usually groomed together for about four (4) years before being separated for actual specialty, therefore making them more similar.

Come to think of it, how many dentists do you know and how many times have you visited a dentist for a dental related problem?

Here is a detailed distinction between the two

Medicine & Surgery in Nigeria

Medicine as popularly shortened, is often times classified as one of the most prestigious and lucrative course in Nigeria. This is because health workers in Nigeria are being paid considerably far higher than other conventional public workers, even as youth corp members.

Typically, a medical doctor in Nigeria earns an average of 150,000 naira to 500,000 naira a month. This is a very impressive salary considering the fact that the Nigerian Minimum Wage earners earn just about 30,000 naira a month.

Criteria For Studying Medicine in Nigeria

To study medicine and surgery in Nigeria you have to:

  • Be a life science student (meaning you should have studied and passed biology, chemistry and physics in your O’level),
  • Bag an impressive score in JAMB examination and POST-UTME examination as well

Due to the limited number of slots given to each university to admit medical students, medicine and surgery is extremely competitive.

According to data released from the University of Benin, Edo State, out of 15,000 students who applied to study Medicine and Surgery in UNIBEN, only 120 were admitted, while the rest were either not admitted or were given an option to accept any medical related course.

So only candidates who really merited it are actually taken in. At this point, it is safe to say that medicine & surgery in Nigeria a HOT CAKE – many are called, but just very few are chosen.

Dentistry in Nigeria

The only difference between Medicine and Dentistry is in their area of specialization. A Dentist deals specifically with the health of the tooth.

However, they get less employed in Nigeria due to the low demand an attention given to Dental Health in Nigeria. Hence, Medicine tend to be more lucrative than Dentistry in Nigeria. One other difference is that Dental students do not write the MB.BS certification examination. As a Dentist, you are given a certificate in BDS.

Whats The Difference Between Medicine and Dentistry in Nigeria

Students of Medicine get an MB.BS certification and this allows them work as medical personnel. Dental students in Nigeria are given a certificate in BDS which means Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
Medical students are more wanted in Nigeria. Dental students often end up getting paid by the Government due to the low demand in Dental expertize in Nigeria.
It is easier for a Medical Doctor to establish a hospital in Nigeria due to the low cost of Medical equipment and the high demand in medical expertise. Dental equipment are quite expensive and a dentist may not be able to pay back their loans due to the low demand of their services in Nigeria.
Doctors are highly paid outside Nigeria. Dentist are also equally paid outside Nigeria.
Medicine is more competitive than Dentistry in Nigeria. Dentistry is less competitive than Medicine in Nigeria.
Medicine and Dentistry Side by Side

There are a lot similarities between the two which could make a huge difference in your career.

However, medicine is mostly considered more better and more lucrative than dentistry in Nigeria due to the low attention people Nigeria pay to dental health in these part.

What Should I Go For: Medicine or Dentistry

It totally depends on what you want. Howbeit, considering the employment rate and salary scale, I think they actually stand on equal grounds.

But then, when it comes to commercialization, medical doctors has a greater chance than dentists.

However, if you do not plan on practicing in Nigeria, I advise you go for any of them as they are both rated equally overseas. If you have a personal passion for Medicine and Surgery then it is a no brainer, go after your passion.

When it comes to the ease of securing admission in any Nigeria university, dentistry is quite easier to pitch for than Medicine.

How Many Years of Study is Medicine and Dentistry in Nigeria

Both Medicine and Dentistry are six (6) years each in Nigeria.

So there you have it, the basics of the two courses. We hope your consideration on which to study will be more clearer and defined now.