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How To Permanently Delete Your Western Union Account

With the connectivity the internet affords, international transactions have become seamless.

And since it is something we would definitely do at some point, maybe even regularly, ranging from e-commerce, education etc. International transactions are inevitable in our world today.

Why not go through a brand you can trust.

Western Union Careers

Western Union is an online and in-person money transfer and exchange service that offers a safe and secure way to send money to loved ones.

The online service allows you to create or amend your account details, deposit funds, check current currency rates, and send and receive money from relatives and friends all around the world.

Despite the variety of content Western Union offers to its users, some users however, for some reason or the other still seek to delete their Western Union account.

Whatever the reason may be, if you want to delete your Western Union account, this is how.

How to Delete of Your Western Union Account

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If you’re deleting your account because of email spamming here is what to do

  • Marking the email as spam

  • Unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email

However here are ways to permanently delete your account from with Western Union account

Deleting Your Western Union Account Via Website

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  • Go to US.

  • You will be directed to the Customer Support website, where you will be required to complete a form.

  • Fill in your first and last names, as well as your phone number, WU number, and email address.

  • Type that you want to delete your account in the Description Textbox and explain why.

  • Submit the form and wait for a response within 30 days.

Deleting Your Western Union Account Via Email

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  • Open the email address you used to register for the app.

  • Now write an email to


  • Now type your profile name, registered mobile phone number, my WU number, and your reason for deleting your account in an email.

  • You should get a response in at least 30 days.

There you have it, simple steps on how to delete your Western Union account.

We hope this was helpful to you. Leave us a feedback via the comment section when you successfully delete your account.

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