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How To Permanently Delete SumUp Account

Sumup account has a lot of benefits but it doesn’t change the fact that we have received a number of request from clients on how to permanently delete sumup account.

What Is Sumup Account

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SumUp is an online payment gateway that includes a card terminal and allows merchants to accept payments via credit cards and web portals.

We’ve recently received a number of requests from website visitors who want to delete their SumUp Portal accounts.

If you have another reason, I will show you how to remove your SumUp account step by step.

How To Permanently Delete  SumUp Account

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There is currently just one way to remove your account from the SumUp portal, which is detailed below:

Send An Email To Delete Your SumUp Account.

  • Open the email address you used to register for the website.
  • Now write an email to support@sumup.com
  • Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY SUMUP ACCOUNT” in the subject line.
  • Now including your user ID, and email address, give your reason for deleting your account and send
  • You should get a feedback in at least seven (7) days


Hopefully, this post will make it completely easy for you to know how to permanently delete sumup account without being confused.

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