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How To Permanently Delete Stitch Fix Account

This is probably the end of the road for you on the stitch fix journey, and you want to know how to permanently delete stitch fix account.

Take a walk through memory lane and reminisce on all of the beautiful moments you had on stitch fix.

That was awesome.

Now you are ready to permanently delete your stitch fix account.

What Is Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a subscription-based e-commerce website that offers subscribers fashion advice and ideas.


How To Permanently Delete Stitch Fix Account

Erin Morrison Flynn and Katrina Lake launched the Stitch Fix website in 2011.

How To Delete Stitch Fix Account

There are three ways to delete stitch fix account listed below:

Delete Stitch Fix Account Online

  • Visit the official stitch fix website to submit a new request.
  • Fill in details, such as the email address you used to register.
  • Click the “REQUEST TO DELETE ACCOUNT” option.
  • State your reason for deleting your account in the dialog box and click the SUBMIT button.

Delete Stitch Fix Account Via Mail

  • Go to the dashboard of your registered email account.
  • Draft an email and send it to
  • Your Subject line should read “Request to Delete My Account.”
  • Draft an email stating why you want to delete your account.

Delete Stitch Fix Account By Phone Call

  •  Stitch fix helpdesk at (415) 882-7765.
  • Talk with an agent and request them to close the account.
  • Confirm the deletion process verbally


We hope you found this article a helpful guide. 

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