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How To Permanently Delete Mashable Account

In a fast-paced world, sometimes it becomes rather difficult to keep with everything happening around the world, Mashable however, solves that problem easily for you.

Mashable is an independent news website dedicated to covering digital culture, social media, technology, business, world, lifestyle, and entertainment news.

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Users can create and change account information, add photographs, search for various topics and keywords on the website, and share content on their favorite social networking portal using the website..

However, it is surprising why you still want to close and delete their Mashable account.

Whatever the reason may be, here is how to delete your Mashable account.

How to Delete Your Account With Mashable


If you’re canceling this account because of email spamming here is what to do

  • Marking the email as spam

  • Unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email

However here are currently two (2) ways to permanently delete your account from with Mashable

Deleting Your Account By Revoking Access

For Twitter

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For Facebook

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  • Click on

  • Pick the Mashable app and click on the X icon next to it.

For Linkedin

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For Google+

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Deleting Account Via Email

  • Open the email account you used in signing up

  • Now write an email to

  • Use “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” as the subject

  • Now create an email requesting the deletion of your account using the template provided and send.

There you have it, how to successfully delete your Mashable account. You can leave a comment for us after you have successfully deleted your account.

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