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How To Permanently Delete Grubhub Account

There are several reasons why one will want to discontinue the habit of ordering food online.

Maybe you now have a family and prefer the traditional rooftop candle-lit dinner with the love of your life, or you finally want to try cooking.

This post provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to delete Grubhub account permanently.

What Is Grubhub Account

Grubhub is an online food ordering and processing platform that allows users to place orders from nearby restaurants.

The website allows users to search for food and nearby restaurants that prepare it, order food online, and pay with cash or credit card.

How To Permanently Delete Grubhub Account

How To Permanently Delete Grubhub Account 

Log onto the Grubhub website and sign in to your account.

Ensure you are logging in through the website and not the mobile app.

Select the “delete data” page

Click “Submit request.”

Select “Delete” to request deletion of your personal information from Grubhub.

Wait for a confirmation email.

Proceed to delete the app from your mobile phone.


How to permanently delete Grubhub account has been made easy with the easy steps above. Now, you can permanently delete your Grubhub account with ease.

Hopefully, this post was helpful.

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