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How To Permanently Delete Dollar Shave Club Account (5 Simple Steps)

You possess the freedom to choose your shaving accessory shop and not get multiple emails from a former accessory shop.

Getting spammed from a former shaving accessory company because they have your information can be very annoying.

You need to know how to permanently delete Dollar shave club account to get your information off their hands and be free from the countless marketing emails.

In this article, You will find an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to delete your Dollar shave account permanently. But first, the basics.

What Is Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is an American Company and website that delivers shaving and personal grooming products.

Dollar shave club allows users to create product lists, customize their carts,  pay for products, and deliver them to their home addresses.

Michael Dubin created Dollar Shave Club in 2011. It is now one of the finest online websites for men in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom to order grooming supplies.

How To Permanently Delete Dollar Shave Club Account (5 Simple Steps)

You can permanently delete dollar shave club account using these five easy steps:

Step 1: Open the Dollar Shave Club website and log in.

Step 2: Go to Your Account and click the Membership Settings icon

Step 3: Click the Cancel Membership option

Step 4: Select Your reasons for canceling your account and press Continue.

Step 5: Click Stop Subscription to activate your response.

Dollar Shave Won’t Let Me Cancel

If you cannot permanently delete your Dollar Shave Club account by following the above steps, it means an error occurred.

To resolve this issue, send a mail to the Dollar shave support  team here

 You can also head over to the dollar shave official social media handle to chat with staff, and you’re likely to get a reply in a day or two.


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