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How To Permanently Delete DeviantArt Account

Even artists lose their touch and sometimes need a break from the colors and artistry of being a member of Deviantart.

This article will discover how to permanently delete your Deviantart account and let yourself have the freedom to be someone other than an artist.

Every word counts in this article, so sit still and read till the end. But first, the basics.

What Is Deviant Art?

How To Permanently Delete DeviantArt Account

DeviantArt is one of the world’s most extensive online art galleries and communities that allows registered users to upload art-related photos and share them with other community members.

Scott Jarkoff, Matt Stephens, and Angelo Sotira developed the DeviantArt website in 2002.

The company has over 25 million registered members as of March 2013, and the site receives 140,000 daily submissions from them.

But you’re probably fed up with the DeviantArt, and you want to have your account permanently deleted from the website.

How to Permanently Delete DeviantArt Account.

To delete your Deviantart account, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Logon to Deviantart’s official website.

Step 2: Insert your login details and click on Enter 

Step 3: Click on the deactivation panel and request deactivation

Step 4:  After 30 days, Deviantart will permanently remove your account.


We hope this article was helpful.

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