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How To Permanently Delete Clickup Account

Clickup is beneficial to those that intend piling their information and documents in one piece but some users are experiencing cases of email scam and wants to know how to permanently delete clickup account.

The purpose of clickup is to save up all your account information, create documents, goals and task in one place.

We’ve recently received a number of requests from website visitors who want to remove their ClickUp Portal accounts.

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If you’re canceling this account because of email spamming, we recommend marking the email as spam or unsubscribing from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

If you have another reason, I will show you how to remove your ClickUp account step by step.

How to Delete ClickUp Account.

There is currently just one method for deleting your account from the ClickUp portal, which is described below:

Send an email to delete your account.

  • Open the email address you used to register for the website.

  • Now write an email to help@clickup.com with the address help@clickup.com in the subject line.

  • Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY CLICKUP ACCOUNT” in the subject line
  • Now, using the sample email for canceling your account provided here, input your user ID, email address, and your genuine reason for cancelling your account.

  • Send your email and give it at least seven days to receive a response.


How to permanently delete your Clickup account has never being this easy but following the steps above, it is possible to delete your click up account without stress.

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