100 Level Courses For Medicine Students In Nigeria

“An inch of foreknowledge is worth ten miles of after-thought,”—Jack Vance.

A new admission into the university to study medicine requires that you have foreknowledge of the 100 level courses for Medicine students in Nigeria.

100 Level Courses For Medicine Students In Nigeria
100 Level Courses For Medicine Students In Nigeria

This article aims to provide you with every information about the courses you will be offering during your 100 level as a medical student.

We, therefore, advise that you pay close attention to every detail in this article, as they can determine the extent of your success in your 100 level as a medical student

List of 100 Level Courses for Medicine Students in Nigeria

Below is a list of all the courses you will offer in your 100 level as a medicine student in a Nigerian university

  1. Diversity of Plants

2. Introductory Zoology

3. General Chemistry

4. Organic Chemistry

5. Practical Physics

6. Mechanics, Thermal Physics, and Properties of Matter

7. Vibration, Wave, and Optics

8. Use of English Language

9. Physiology and Logic

10. Plant Form and Functions

11. Functional Zoology

12. Electromagnetism and Modern Physics

13. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

14. Nigerian People and Culture

15. History and Philosophy of Science

Diversity of Plants

This is actually similar to biology, but it deals mainly with plants. Your University may call it PBB or botany.

This particular course deals with plant cells and the various classification of plants such as bacteria, algae, fungi, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and many more.

Introductory Zoology

This is the animal aspect of biology, and it deals with the ecosystem of animals (human inclusive).

It ranges from ecosystems, food chain, biogeochemical cycles, species diversity, population, temperature to sex determination, variation, fossil records, and evolution.

General Chemistry

As you know, chemistry is divided into two parts: general chemistry and organic chemistry.

So this course entails any topic not under organic chemistry, such as atoms, isotopes, theories and laws, chemical bonding, acid, base, salt, etc.

So if you are studying for this course, read everything in chemistry that is not related to organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

This is everything under organic chemistry, such as functional groups, the homologous series, alkanes, alkenes, and the like of them. So if you are studying using abiabio, This is found in the Organic chemistry section.

Practical Physics

As the name implies, practical physic is those aspects of physics that can be performed in the laboratory, such as electricity, thermal elasticity, and others.

Mechanics, Thermal Physics, and Properties of Matter

As the name implies, it has to do with physics’s mechanical, thermal and physical aspects, such as motion and heat.

Vibration, Wave, and Optics

This is often referred to as the wave course. This is because it encompasses all the various topics in physics that have to do with waves, such as sound, light, and others.

Use of English Language

Basic English studies are under general studies and must be for all students. please do not panic; it is not difficult

Philosophy and Logic

This talks about most theologies studied by art students and under general studies. In addition, it will speak of people like Socrates and Aristotle and their teachings.

It also has some abstract parts like types and forms of statements.

Functional Zoology

Now, this is the aspect of human biology that has to do with the systems and organs of the body.

Electromagnetism and Modern Physics

This was my most dreaded course while I was still in school. It encompasses all the parts of physics I always ran away from while I was in Secondary school.

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

This is one out of the three general study courses you will have to pass in your 100 Level, and it talks about basic conflict management skills.

Nigerian People and Culture

If you love the culture of Nigeria or not, you will surely love this course. All it does is give you insight into what major religions and cultures in Nigeria believe and practice.

History and Philosophy of Science

This is a summary of the basic science subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, geography, and more.


These courses are simple and easy to understand. As a result, you should be able to make excellent grades at the end of your 100 level.

Kindly share this article and comment on which of the 100 level courses for medicine students in Nigeria you prefer the most.

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